Forgiveness is divine

I hear my wife on her Google Classroom call and she’s bursting with excitement. She’s giddy over one of her kids completing a simple math question. She raises her voice and yells out so everyone can hear, “You did it.” 

And then there’s me. I’m on a Microsoft Teams call and someone accidentally mutes their mic. You can see him on screen, head tilted, eyes squinted, trying desperately to find the unmute button. Finally, he figures it out. In a mocking tone, I think to myself, “You did it.”

As I’ve written numerous times in the past, I’m blessed with many traits, many features, but patience isn’t one of them. Oh, I like to think that I’m a hard worker, kind and big-hearted, have a great sense of humor, and honest to a fault. Patience, though, you may as well “fuggedaboutit!”

My wife can tell you that I try to be patient. I try to calm, but it inevitably goes out the window. My lack of patience is becoming even more noticeable in this crazy Covid-filled year. I’m sure being cooped up inside, having to wear a mask anywhere we go, and being constantly on guard about our health have all played a role in my shortness with others. 

I suspect other reasons have played a big role too.

In any event, when I run into problems with patience, I’ve been trying learn from my mistakes. I try to take five minutes to breathe, think how I can be better in the future, and reflect on our many blessings. Instead of falling into a downward, out-of-control spiral of negative thoughts, I’ve even tried lately to forgive myself.  

I can’t say it’s an easy road, but certainly better than the alternative. Now if I can just remember to forgive and forget the next time some guy cuts me off in traffic or forgets to wear a mask in the store. 

Oh yes, God, please give me peace and an ounce of patience! Please!

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