Losing my marbles? No, just my wallet

I’m freaking out. One minute, I had my wallet, I had it in my hands. The next minute, I can’t find it. My wallet is gone and I’m panicking. Did I lose it? Did I leave it at the gym or just inside the center console of my car? Where did it go? I’m freaking... Continue Reading →

Welcome to a real life Candyland

When my children were young, my family used to enjoy traveling to a small nut and candy shop that we stumbled across one Saturday and kept coming back to as a reward for good grades and other achievements. The shop was a bit out of the way for us, but we’d make a day of... Continue Reading →

Trying to become a Music Man

I wrote in a blog not too long ago that I don’t regret anything that I’ve done with my life. You collect all the information you can and then you make the best decision you can in that particular moment. I stand by that comment. I don’t regret anything. However, I must admit to having... Continue Reading →

When I think of my kids

I thought of my daughter today. My sons were there too. They were all young, still in their pajamas and they were all lying on the living room floor, coloring in their coloring books, watching Saturday morning cartoons. I see all three of them clear as day. Two with wispy blond hair, the third with... Continue Reading →

Failing at meditation

I closed my eyes, then I opened them again. I looked one way and then the other, checking to make sure no one was watching me. I stared motionless for ten long seconds. Convinced that I was alone, I closed my eyes once more, took a deep breath and clasped my hands over my heart.... Continue Reading →

The three things I’ve learned this week

I’m a big believer in the power of having a growth mindset and learning new things. To that end, I’ve learned a few important things over the past several weeks. --I used to think that peanut butter was peanut butter. However, I’ve learned that we’re a Skippy Peanut Butter Brand family instead of Jif. I... Continue Reading →

On the road again

My mother, with a little help from God, is getting her sweet revenge. When I was a kid in high school, my mother would have to regularly pick me up from cross country or track practice. Our coach would end practice in the early evening and like clockwork my mother would be there to pick... Continue Reading →

Sweet dreams

One night I’m running up a wooded mountain. My arms are pumping, my legs are digging deep, but I’m making little to no progress. I just can’t get anywhere. I look down to see that I’m running on quicksand and, on top of that, my polka dot shorts are starting to fall down. Yea, pink... Continue Reading →

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