The more we see, the less we understand

I looked around the dimly lit auditorium and noted the thick cushioned seats, large stage curtain, and cement walls. I sat in an auditorium just like this one more than thirty years ago at my high school baccalaureate service. Like then, I was scrunched up close to the person next to me in the muggy... Continue Reading →

Hail Mary!

I rolled down my window and let the afternoon sun and wind whip through the car. My day had started miserable and now out of the blue it had turned for the better. As soon as I left my house in the morning, I spilled coffee on my shirt and I groaned as my phone... Continue Reading →

Sitting down to write this blog: Three years & counting

I celebrate an anniversary of sorts this week. I won’t be throwing a party or even having cake or champagne, but it’s still a pretty special anniversary. I celebrate my third year as a blogger. For those of you who are counting, that's churning out one to two blogs a week for a total of... Continue Reading →

Losing my glasses

My fingers feel around the bedside table. I feel the glass of water that I had set on the table the night before. I feel the remote control too, but no eye glasses. My patience is staring to wain, I can feel the annoyance starting to build in my chest. I can’t find my glasses.... Continue Reading →

A family of five

I have a bad habit. We’re a family in constant motion. We’re very rarely ever together anymore. Someone’s always off doing something, so when we go to a party or event, I inevitably get asked where one of my kids is. I’ve gotten into the habit of saying that we left the missing party along... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s talking, but noboby’s listening

Parenting is hard. When my daughter was in the fourth grade, she came home with a couple of Bs on her report card. I carefully looked over the report and made my first mistake: I made a grimace. I’m pretty sure I was just reacting to hearing a truck on the street gun it’s engine... Continue Reading →

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