Saying thank you!

Memorial Day in the U.S. began as a way to honor those who died in the Civil War and has become a day to honor all American veterans who gave their lives in sacrifice to our nation. It's right that we should remember these heroes for everything they've given us. Image by Andri via Pexels.... Continue Reading →

Toughest job of my life

I was a mess. The dust from the tar roof that we were ripping off naturally settled on whatever skin was exposed — mainly my arms and face —and when mixed with my sweat, felt like I had stepped into the middle of a raging bonfire. On top of that, the sun, hitting the 95... Continue Reading →

Being the contrarian

We paid the entrance fee and followed the crowd in front of us. It was our first visit to the San Diego Zoo. We had heard a lot about the zoo and were excited to enter. We followed the crowd straight-ahead, but then my wife and son veered right. I was trailing the two of... Continue Reading →

You’ve got mail!

Before the Internet, email, and texting, there used to be a channel of communication called the U.S. Postal Service. Yea, yea, the only things that come in the mail nowadays are junk mail, advertising flyers, and bills, but back in the day, it played a critical role in modern society. For you young 'uns in... Continue Reading →

Does the early bird really get the worm?

A few months ago, I pulled into the garage to get the oil changed in my car. The guy behind the counter took my keys and looked at me, “You’re a little early, right.”  Yea, he got me. My meeting had ended earlier than I expected and rather than waiting and getting pulled into another... Continue Reading →

Kindness pays off

My coworker was getting ready to go on a two-week vacation to Toronto. She looked exhausted and needed a break, so I offered to help her out by taking his place in his last meeting of the day, a weekly project update, and to sit in on a few important meetings for her while she... Continue Reading →

Mark your calendars

My wife and I have marked our calendars. We’ve put a big X mark on the year 2069. She can’t wait. Oh, we’ll probably be long gone, past 100-year-old mark, taking up space in the ground, but we want to be sure that our friends and family celebrate and have a party.  What’s the big... Continue Reading →

A bad boss’ impact on mental health

I watched my boss through his plate glass window office. I had already put in a 12-hour day, I was tired and frustrated. I had spent the day working on my piece for the next day’s newspaper and he was making wholesale changes.  I was all for edits, I loved good feedback, but his changes... Continue Reading →

Slidin’ on the ice

Life can be hard. Some days you're rolling along, running fine and feeling like you're hitting on all cylinders, and then all of a sudden, the next minute life can leave you stranded along the side of deserted highway in the middle of nowhere. Demands, deadlines, bills, and everything in between can drive you crazy.... Continue Reading →

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