My Central Pennsylvania roots call me home

When I was a young boy, my mom let me buy a book in the Scholastic book order and I bought Mickey’s Magnet, a story about a little kid who discovers the power of magnets after he spills a box of his mother’s pins. A cheap little red and gray horseshoe-shaped magnet came with the book... Continue Reading →

Blinded by an eye-for-an-eye

I’ve been thinking about Hollywood’s version of revenge in recent weeks. When I was growing up you had the classic version where Charles Bronson in the 1974 movie Death Wish plays a man who after seeing his wife murdered and is daughter assaulted in a home invasion goes on a vigilante killing spree seeking out... Continue Reading →

Little surprises

I walked out of my office building the other day to my car with a million thoughts in my head. I had errands to run and my day was packed. I would have to be quick. I reached into my jacket for my keys and pulled out a $10 bill that I had forgotten that... Continue Reading →

Why I’m a Grinch when it comes to Valentine’s Day

I can let out a dirty little secret. Now that Valentine’s Day 2017 is over, I can say what I really think of the holiday: I hate it. Consumers were expected to spend an average of $136 this year, totaling more than $18.2 billion, on Valentine's Day gifts for loved ones this year. I love... Continue Reading →

Operating on fumes

The minute I step outside the door the crisp air hits me with the force of jackhammer drilling into my sidewalk. It's hard, it's with a jolt, and it's with definitive force and power. I wrap my overcoat tighter around my body and walk briskly to my car. For the past several weeks, I’ve been rushing... Continue Reading →

Uncharted territory: Taking a leap of faith

A coworker ran up to me in the parking lot in a panic. I’ve been helping her prepare for a job interview for a new position with our company. She wanted my advice on how to approach a sensitive question. A friend I worked with years ago has been considering a career switch. He’s unhappy... Continue Reading →

Uh-oh moments

I’ve had a few moments lately. You know the kind. You hit the send button on a key email and the note you wanted to go to two people goes to twenty. You scramble to recall the note, to pull it back, but you come up with nothing but thin air. It's too late the note... Continue Reading →

Selfish play

I’m not much of a betting man. When I was 8, I traded away a 1975 Roberto Clemente baseball card, now valued anywhere from $20 to $700, and I learned the hard way that betting and bartering have consequences. However, I’ll bet a small fortune that come Sunday in Super Bowl LI one fortunate wide... Continue Reading →

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