A fight over convenience

It’s the throwdown to end all throwdowns. In one corner, you have the street-smart bruiser, who worked the streets of Philly and surrounding Southeastern Pennsylvania countryside to become a rock-hard behemoth with fists made of steel and punches as powerful as bolts of lightning. In the other corner, you have the rural up-start who used the hills and mountains of... Continue Reading →

Goin’ country

As the writer of a personal blog, I tend to reveal a lot of information about myself. I’ve written about my mother’s Amish roots; my feelings sending my daughter off to college, my obsession about being on time, and even a close-call with depression. Some would say that I’ve revealed too much information about myself.... Continue Reading →

How I carved out my own place in the world

As a young boy I watched my father take a chunk of wood and hold it in his calloused hands. Others would see it for what it was: a throw-away piece of wood. My father saw something more, something hidden below the surface. He’d analyze the wood, examining it for imperfections or knots and turn... Continue Reading →

Missing the Big Valley

The kid couldn’t have been older than 15 or 16. His jeans were ripped and his backpack looked like it had seen better days, but he was giving a monologue in the convenience store on all the reasons why he couldn’t wait to leave town to his friend behind the counter. “There’s nothing ever to do.... Continue Reading →

The wisdom of age

I celebrate my birthday in a few weeks. (Important note: Large, expensive presents are encouraged and accepted.) I’m not one to get caught up or agitated by the number on my birth certificate, but it has been a strange experience to see the number of years start to add up. I question how that's even... Continue Reading →

Bouncing back takes work

My legs felt like they were weighted down by 20-pound anchors. With each step, my lower back sent violent spasms of pain that fanned out to the rest of my body. My lungs felt even worse. I took in big gulps of air, but they burned and I couldn’t seem to get my breath under... Continue Reading →

You’ve got a friend!

My friend had barely picked up her phone and greeted me with a hello and I was off to the races on my mini-rant. “Did you see the note I just sent you? Did you see the latest change?” Without missing a beat, my friend picked up right where I had left off and we... Continue Reading →

‘Welcome to my parlor,’ said the spider to the fly

I pulled into the driveway recently exhausted from a long day. I had one of those days where I was running the minute I got into work, right up until the minute I left. Unfortunately for me, my day wasn’t done. I left work and ran to several afterschool events and errands that kept me... Continue Reading →

Five old school things that still rule

My sons finish-up school this week. They’ll hand in their books, clean out their lockers, and get ready for the summer. It will be a fun week for them. We live now in a society controlled by the web and social media. For all the change this has meant, one big end-of-the-year school activity has stayed the same.... Continue Reading →

When photos come alive

I think kids today are missing out. They’re missing out on one of my all-time favorite hobbies. When I was young, my mom kept a large, green shoebox full of family pictures in her bedroom closet. When I was bored or felt blue and needed a pick-me-up I’d pull the box out to look at... Continue Reading →

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