A blizzard of words in January

Some days the writing comes quick and easy. The words fall out of the sky like manna from heaven or the flurry of snow that blanketed the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in January and ranks as the fourth largest nor'easter since 1950. They come fast and furious in a blizzard of thoughts and I try my best to keep up. And... Continue Reading →

When all else fails . . . believe

A long-time friend called me last week, upset that she had been passed over for a new role at her small company. She had put in extra time at the office, made a number of improvements, but felt she had been cheated out of the opportunity. I could tell she was disappointed and I felt... Continue Reading →

The lost art of letter writing

I like to think that I’m technologically savvy. I love how technology connects us and makes our lives simpler. I’ve even become an Apple geek (even if the stock has tanked the past several months, after producing results for so many years.) But I also see how technology has changed us for the worst. In... Continue Reading →

My life as a famous author

Patricia Cornwell’s books take-up two rows in my local library. Danielle Steele, now 68, has slowed in recent years, but she’s holding strong with two shelves of her own. James Patterson — the master — leads with four. They churn out books faster than you can finish your coffee browsing online to see what e-book... Continue Reading →

How Glenn Frey helped me survive Calculus

When I read yesterday that Glenn Frey from the band the Eagles had passed away, I was instantly taken back to my room in high school, trying to figure out 12th grade calculus. My oldest brother had gotten me hooked on the Eagles Live album years earlier and I would play the cassette tape over and... Continue Reading →

Great food and conversation: dinner with my crazy family

Sean is deep in mid story. He’s on a roll. One hand is extended up in the air, the other, holding a fork, is flying in a different direction. Nothing is stopping him now. Erin’s got a hand over her mouth and Stephen’s laughing so hard I worry he might fall off his chair. In... Continue Reading →

A hero taken too soon

When you’re five-years-old, you don’t have whole lot of worries. Your biggest concern is whether Superman or Batman would win in a winner-takes-all battle; whether to eat the inside of the Oreo cookie first or save it to the end; and when it’s going to snow so that you can try out your new sled... Continue Reading →

One picture is worth a thousand words

I love photography and how a picture can create an instant connection or feeling. One simple image can carry you thousands of miles away to places you’ve never seen or imagined or across the street to the neighbor’s house. It can lift you up, making you smile or laugh, or rip out your heart, bringing... Continue Reading →

Remembering Christmas every day of the year

With another Christmas coming to a close, we packed up our decorations the other day, including taking down our tree. At one point, I stopped to take one last look at the tree. I’ve long preferred a simple tree with red and silvers balls, bright colored lights and garland. I love the simplicity and long-lasting... Continue Reading →

May the Force be with you!

Like much of the world, I stood in line in between Christmas and New Year's Day to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Without giving away the plot, the movie was quite good.) In the middle of the movie, right after Chewbacca nailed a storm trooper with his blaster, I started to feel sorry for Millennials,... Continue Reading →

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