The job I didn’t want and the lesson it taught me on how to be a good husband

When I was a young newspaper reporter, my bosses used to give me the grunt-related jobs, everything from fetching the coffee to writing photo captions. One day early in my career, working part time at the Centre Daily Times (I hadn’t even made it yet to a full time job at the Lewistown Sentinel), I... Continue Reading →

When I grow up, I want to be . . .

When I was 10-years-old, I roamed the middle of the pee wee football field with force and passion. You stepped foot into the middle of the field with the ball in your hands at your own peril. I was small for my age, but when I got going, I hit the other bigger players with... Continue Reading →

Finally believing in me

On two different weekends recently, my 16-year-old and 11-year old sons both went to their school dances. I got a kick out of seeing them get ready for their big nights out. They put a lot of thought into what they were going to wear and dressed-up nicer than I had expected. They looked like... Continue Reading →

When a father’s hands are tied

The newborn’s tiny arms flailed out in the air and she let out a loud cry. Her mother quickly picked her up and laid her against her shoulder. The baby let out a whimper, closed her eyes and fell quietly back to sleep. With that, all was calm, all was right again. Whatever had caused... Continue Reading →

The debate table: A political fight club

The Republican contenders for President have debated on prime time television twice now. The Democrats go on Tuesday. I have my favorites and not-so favorite candidates, but I’ll give credit to the field on both sides for one key thing. They may back-track and they may waffle. They may even throw out a bold-faced lie... Continue Reading →

Life’s little test . . . pass or fail

I wrote this piece three years ago and it still holds true today. God have mercy on me or I’m in a world of trouble. When my time comes and I stand in front of the Gates of Heaven, my hope is that God grades on a curve. You know what I mean: you’re in... Continue Reading →

A parent’s message for his son’s teacher

I sat down to write this piece thinking that I would jot a few thoughts down. One thought came, then another, and another, and another. It’s a bit long — most of my blogs will not be this long —but hopefully it conveys a deeper message. He stares stone-faced, straight ahead, head down. You just... Continue Reading →

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