The zombie apocalypse is coming . . . maybe

The zombie chases me. He’s frothing at the mouth, his shirt and pants are ripped and he ― more animal than human ― walks with an uneven shuffle. I run up the stairs to get away. Even with his limp, he keeps coming. He’s now about ten yards away. I run down the hall. He... Continue Reading →

Finding joy in the little things

When I was a little kid, I used to laugh at what made my mother happy. To my little brain, she seemed to take a lot of pleasure ― too much pleasure in fact ― in something as small as a hot cup of coffee or a snowy day or even crisp, clean laundry. For... Continue Reading →

Movie heroes have the best toys

Everyone wants to be the hero. Everyone wants to be James Bond, saving the world from impending doom. I get that, but I’ve always wanted something else: the heroes’ toys. The hero ― at least the ones in the movies ― always have the best toys. What do I mean? Here’s a few of the... Continue Reading →

Making sense of senseless actions

The American Embassy in Iran in 1979. New York, Washington and a field near Somerset outside of Pittsburgh on 9/11. And the attacks on Paris on Friday night. While decades apart, I felt the same after each event — first shock and then deep sadness that the world had changed overnight and not for the... Continue Reading →

A look back on the reasons why I feared fatherhood

I was cleaning up some boxes in our basement the other day and I came across a short list that I had created nineteen years ago for Kathy right before we had Erin. We had tried for a while to have kids and then finally after a lot of prayers Kathy had gotten pregnant. We... Continue Reading →

Looking for answers to the great mysteries of life

Why do some days feel longer than others? I know it’s an off-the-wall question, but I’ve been wondering lately why one day flies by and the next flows like molasses. We all have days when every second on the clock seems to take ten years. And then other days, you look up from your work... Continue Reading →

Remembering a “guinea pig”on Veterans Day’s

Wednesday marks Veterans Day. Every year this time I think of the many people ― including family and friends ― who’ve served in the Armed Forces. I’m especially thinking this year of a man I met in 1993, who as a 19-year-old Navy seaman was taken to a lab in Anacostia, Maryland and was exposed to... Continue Reading →

The farmer: A message of hope even in a time of despair

I wrote this piece more than twenty years ago when I worked as a reporter at a small newspaper and was sent out to cover a house fire that had come across the police scanner. The sad thing is that the piece never appeared anywhere - at least in the format that it now exists. Since the... Continue Reading →

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