How a creative mind works

When the music teacher came into our third or fourth grade class and gave us small plastic recorders to try out for ourselves to motivate us to think about learning to play an instrument, I yawned. I didn't care much for the tinny sound. I gave the recorder and any other instrument for that matter... Continue Reading →

Happiest places on Earth

The little boy looked to be about four or five years old and held tight to his mom’s hand with one hand and a worn Teddy Bear in the other. He held back a yawn, but kept his eyes fixed on the escalator. He seemed to be taking everything in. When he couldn’t stand the... Continue Reading →

Getting better with age

Last Saturday, the rain started early and poured all day in Southeastern Pennsylvania. A nasty, cold rain. I bundled up and stayed inside most of the day. A good 60-miles away at the University of Pennsylvania’s 127th Penn Relays, 96-year-old Ed Cox, of Syracuse, New York, earned 5th place in the Master’s Men’s 100-meter in... Continue Reading →

Makes my blood run cold!

The blood was a dark red.  I was a young kid and can't remember much else from the day, but two things stand out: my dad’s bloody hand, where he had cut himself on his radial arm band saw, and the huge grin he had spread across his face. My dad was cutting a piece... Continue Reading →

Meditation Part II

A little bird lets out two weak chirps. At least I think it was a little bird, maybe a chickadee or a sparrow, but I can’t really say for sure since my eyes are closed. And then another bird chirps back. The two birds go back-and-forth, backwards-and-forwards, like this for a few minutes.  My wife... Continue Reading →

The Medicine Man

When we were in our 20s, my wife and I used to have a Halloween Party every year. We’d dress up in costumes. One year I went as Robinhood, another year I dressed up as an old-time western bartender. We’d invite friends over and have plenty of food and drink. Our one-bedroom apartment was tiny,... Continue Reading →

Wanna bet?

I couldn’t believe I had lost. I was devastated. I threw the baseball card at my brother. When he looked up smiling, I broke out into tears and ran to our bedroom. “Little brat, go cry to mommy," he yelled after me. My brother’s reaction was probably a little harsh, but I deserved it. When... Continue Reading →

Fourteen precious minutes

I’ve been thinking about some of the things you can accomplish in 14 minutes.  I can go for a brisk mile walk. I can read a chapter in my book. I can watch the opening scenes of The Godfather, where Vito Corleone listens to requests from friends and neighbors, who've come to celebrate his daughter Connie's... Continue Reading →

Going places you never expected

I get in my car and turn on my playlist. Most days I turn to my tried-and-true, maybe some U2 or Billy Joel, something from the 80s and 90s. Other days I’ll turn to Kenny Chesney or some country. When I need a smile or just want a break from day-to-day responsibilities, I'll go back... Continue Reading →

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