Three choices, three albums

I was skimming Twitter the other day, when I came across a classic question of life: If you’re stuck on a deserted island, what three albums would you take? When I read the question, my first thought was to question how you might play the albums on the island, but have no way to call for... Continue Reading →

The good, bad, and the ugly

I had a strange day at work. First the good: I came out of a meeting, my mind racing to fix a problem, and I ran into a good friend who I haven’t seen in weeks. We started talking and before I knew it he had me laughing and joking. He's the kind of friend... Continue Reading →

Lobbying for the kid’s table

I was sitting with the rest of the kids at the kid’s table. We looked sour-faced and shot brooding looks when the adults came around, but, once they left, we were joking around and having fun. We made the best of what we had. Oh yea, we all wanted more leg room and space to... Continue Reading →

A mother’s loss

I find a mother's love to be one of the most precious things in the world. There's nothing else like a mother's touch or kind word. It can move mountains. In particular, I'm fascinated by the story of the Immaculate Mary and her son, Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in the Christ-story or not, the story is unlike any ever told. ... Continue Reading →

The years are short

I held my daughter close to my chest, tried to be as still as possible, and sang her one lullaby after another. I squinted my eyes trying my best to read my watch in the dark, but couldn’t see the numbers. I was frustrated and tired, but I needed to get my daughter to sleep,... Continue Reading →

My refuge: The public library

When I ran into school troubles, when I felt like I didn’t fit-in with friends, when life seemed challenging, one place served as a refuge.  When I struggled as a kid, I had one place I could go to get away. I liked the baseball diamond, football field, and basketball court. They were first loves,... Continue Reading →

The power of music

Music touches us in millions of different ways. We hear a song on the radio or television, maybe we even learn the words and sing along with friends, and within a few months, it's gone. The song is pushed back on the play list, but ten years go by and you hear it again and... Continue Reading →

Dealing with life’s annoyances

I’m running late again. I feel like I’m in a perpetual state of lateness. I’ve been late leaving for work. I was late the other day to every single meeting that I had on my schedule. And to top it off for good measure, I've been leaving work later and later in the evening. I... Continue Reading →

Why I’m a feminist

I’m not sure how it came up over dinner, but when I was a very young kid, my father grumbled about a woman that he worked with at the local steel plant, claiming that she had taken her job from another man. My father’s arms were waving, his voice had gotten louder, and a little... Continue Reading →

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