Winning the game of life

We hold sports figures in high regard in our society. It's all sports. Soccer fans worldwide celebrated Lionel Messi last December for helping Argentina win the World Cup. Throughout his career, the international star has earned $1.15 billion on and off the pitch, according to Forbes. He's not the only one. Recently retired NFL quarterback... Continue Reading →

The House at Pooh Corner

English author A.A. Milne came up with the idea for Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends in 1921 after he watched his son Christopher Robin play with his stuffed animals and saw him give them various voices and character traits. Christopher’s stuffed bear, originally named Edward, was renamed Winnie-the-Pooh after they visited the London Zoo and fell in... Continue Reading →

Challenges of adulthood

What the hell was I thinking? When I was a young, I was small for my age. I was always the smallest or one of the small kids in my elementary school classes, but I was a smart kid. I read a lot. I kept up with my homework. I did my chores, I listened... Continue Reading →

Final Exams!

When I was in college, this was a tough time of the year. Finals exams. The mere mention of the word still brings up tightness and and pressure in my stomach. The challenge wasn't any one exam, it was the gauntlet of having four or five exams all within a few days of each other.... Continue Reading →

Remembering a mentor’s passing

The call came out of the blue. I was busy trying to meet a deadline, but I picked up the phone anyway. A friend, who was a professor at the college where I had worked in the communications office several years earlier, called and peppered me with questions on why I wasn't going back to... Continue Reading →

Thank a librarian

If you've learned anything in your life, thank a librarian. I wrote this week in Saved by a library about how a library helped me. I know that I'm not the only one who has benefited from a great library, no matter how big or small. The American Library Association celebrates National Libraries Week in... Continue Reading →

I’m bored Mom!

When I was a kid and would complain to my mom that I was bored, she would threaten to put me to work cleaning the dishes or weeding the garden. She would inevitably tell me to go play outside. If it was raining, her fallback was always the same answer: go play with my brothers... Continue Reading →

Lucky to get out

I grew up in a beautiful rural area.  When I was 17-years-old and felt depressed or claustrophobic growing up in my rural home, I would go for a drive. I would drive past beautiful Amish and non-Amish farms. I would drive past little churches with tall steeples. I would cut through the valley where I... Continue Reading →

A fool’s fool

I’m usually the fool in my family — the challenge with living with four incredibly smart and passionate people — but one year I was determined to change things. My youngest son had been a little flip with my wife and I on submitting an excuse for a school absence. He wasn’t disrespectful, but at... Continue Reading →

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