Kind thoughts

I walked into one of my company’s office buildings the other day. I worked in the building several years ago, but it had been a while since I had stepped foot inside. My head was down and I was thinking about what I needed to accomplish in my meeting.   Thanks to the glare of the overhead... Continue Reading →

Party of six, your table is ready

The restaurant has been picked, check. The dinner reservation has been set, check. Next I need to select the five people I’d like to invite to dinner. You know the drill, you’ve probably heard the parlor game: Name the five people, living or dead, who you’d invite to dinner. The possibilities are endless. I could... Continue Reading →

An unlikely mentor

I keep trying to write something about the current state of politics. I’ll start commenting on one side of the aisle and then the other does something that I find completely ridiculous. In the end, I find myself right back where I started. So, instead of a political blog, I write today about a mentor who... Continue Reading →

Five reasons why I like my dog better than some people

My wife likes to tease me that I would be happier on a deserted island or deep in the woods in a cave since then I wouldn’t have to deal with annoying people. I ponder the question in mock seriousness for a brief minute or two and then ask if I get to bring our... Continue Reading →

The games we play

The running back slid one way and then cut back another, gaining huge chunks of ground with every carry. He was so quick and even if a defender started to tackle him, if you tapped on the “b” button at the right moment, he’d spin out of the tackle and go onto score. He looked unbeatable. Likewise,... Continue Reading →

Fatherly advice and the end of an era: Sears and Craftsman

Fathers love to give advice. Any of these sound familiar? Hard work never killed anyone; look both ways before you cross the street; measure twice, cut once; righty tighty, lefty loosey; do every job like it's your last, and a million other lessons. I've heard a million lines like that over the years and I find... Continue Reading →

The power of a children’s book

When I was very young starting out in kindergarten and first grade, I hated school. I struggled to make friends and get used to a new routine. When the lessons really started taking off, I found myself falling behind my classmates. I may have hated school, but I loved sports. I loved, even at that... Continue Reading →

Planning my own goodbye party

I run five days a week and regularly work-out in the gym. I try to pass up the fatty sugars and eat healthy. (Ice cream is my downfall.) I even try to maintain work-life stress balance. In the end, however, I will die. So will you. We all will. An eternal truth  I know that’s... Continue Reading →

The turning of the page

In one picture, my daughter is hamming it up for the camera, all smiles with her cousin. In another shot on another page, my two sons jockey for the best position with our dog, who sits straight and tall like she's a professional model. And later on another page, there’s a picture of my wife... Continue Reading →

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