Happy Birthday: Hello teenager

When I became a teenager in the early 80s, we listened to Rick Springfield sing about Jessie's Girl and Diana Ross and Lionel Richie sing of their Endless Love; played Pac-Man and Centipede in a downtown arcade, read George Orwell’s 1984, went in droves to see The Empire Strikes Back and spent our free time trying... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day: Honoring the fallen

When the military releases their names, it’s just ink on a page. Two Army Rangers, Sgt. Joshua Rodgers, of Bloomington, Illinois, and Sgt. Cameron Thomas, of Kettering, Ohio, were killed while conducting a night raid against an ISIS-led group in eastern Afghanistan in late April. You continue reading and the names start to have more... Continue Reading →

How did I come to rely on my smartphone so much?

We don’t just cross the line. We race past it traveling 80 mph. My family has a mobile plan with a national carrier that limits us to 10 GB of data. You would think that 10 GB would be plenty for us and it was for a long period, but over the past several months, we’ve obliterated... Continue Reading →

Babies are such a nice way to start people & other stories

My three kids have "big people" problems. --Dad, I’m going to need a car to get around for my summer internship, what should I do? --Dad, which meal plan should I choose for college?  I’m thinking about Meal Plan #3, but it costs $800 more than the other two. What do you think? --Dad, I’m... Continue Reading →

Making dreams come true

Parenting has its challenges. Whether you stay home with your kids or work all day and have to pick them up and race somewhere, your job is never complete. There's always something to do (um, what are we having for dinner?) and you're often left feeling like you're working without a net. But once in... Continue Reading →

In a New York state of mind

A few people on the train car chat back-and-forth, but it’s mostly quiet. People alone in their thoughts and their phones and the noisy click-clack of the train wheels. My daughter and I chat about her upcoming internship. My son usually has his phone out playing some game or app, but this time he’s watching everything:... Continue Reading →

A mother’s faith

When I think of Mother’s Day, I think of another day, a lifetime ago, when my mother picked me up from college and took me out for dinner. It was a Friday. I remember being tired from staying up late the night before to finish a 10-page paper and study for a test. I walked... Continue Reading →

My biggest regrets

When I was in the seventh grade, I should have asked the girl in my English class to our school dance. When I was in college, I should have been more persistent and found a way to pay for the cost of a semester studying in Manchester, England. In my mid-twenties, I should have stood up... Continue Reading →

Parenting like royalty

Social media has a way of taking up our time and filling it full of mindless junk, but it still occasionally provides a nugget of gold. I’m not sure how it happened, but I stumbled last week across a series of everyday pictures on the British Royal Family. I really could care less about the... Continue Reading →

I’m no dummy

First a little background. I’m a smart person, I’m no dummy. I paid attention in elementary and middle school and later in high school.  I earned a bachelor’s degree from a large public, research-based school. If we’re getting into resume specifics, I later took night classes to get a Master's in Business Administration. Heck, I even have a... Continue Reading →

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