Picking up after Agnes

Forty-six years ago, Hurricane Agnes started out as a tropical depression in the Caribbean Sea. The depression began slowly on June 14, 1972, and started building up steam,  first becoming Tropical Storm Agnes, before finally turning into a full-blown hurricane. The hurricane hit landfall near Panama City, Florida five days later on June 19 and... Continue Reading →

When life is crummy, look for the hope

When I was young, I wasn’t very confident. I was the quiet kid who was glued to a book or things that I knew like sports. I preferred hanging out in small groups instead of loud, large ones, so when a kid in my class told me that he wanted to partner with me on... Continue Reading →

First world problems, minor irritations

When I was a kid in elementary school, the lunch lady used to lecture my friends and I about wasting food. She would tell us that little kids in China or some third world country we had never heard of were going to bed with an empty stomach and we were throwing away perfectly good... Continue Reading →

Putting in my request for Father’s Day

I don’t need a new tie or a fancy new watch. I don’t need a new grill or any new barbecue utensils. I don’t need a t-shirt or coffee mug with "The World's Greatest Dad" stenciled in bold script. Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday and I don’t need or want any presents. In preparation... Continue Reading →

On the last day of school: The state of education & making the tough choices

My daughter, fourteen at the time, sat in a small chair in the corner of the classroom and held tightly to a blue folder that had a large smiley face sticker on it. Her face by contrast gave nothing away. You couldn’t tell if she was happy or sad, comfortable or scared, rested or tired.... Continue Reading →

Looking for a good book

I was great in January and February. I fell off the wagon in March and April. I picked myself back up in early May and promptly fell back down. New Year's resolutions? Dieting? Exercising? No, I’m on a quest to read more books. Like most people, I’m attached at my wrist to my cellphone. I'm... Continue Reading →

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