What album would you choose?

The winds coming off the Pacific Ocean gently rustle the leaves of a nearby tree and mix with the sound of the waves hitting the shoreline to create a relaxing symphony of sounds. I could easily fall asleep thinking of the image, but a perplexing question has taken over my thoughts. I can't stop thinking... Continue Reading →

The power of Raffi, err, music

My kids make me proud. They’re strong, young people. They’re kind and loving too. They call or text my wife and me every few days just to check-in or say "hey." They send me a card on my birthday. Yea, yea, but they each have a long way to go to make things right with... Continue Reading →

Being happy

The International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on March 20 to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. The UN launched the day in 2012 as a reminder that being happy is a basic human right and worth celebrating. We talk a lot about happiness in our... Continue Reading →

The luck of the Irish!

Today on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish. So, of course, we need a good Irish blessing. There's serious ones, sentimental ones, and even ones that will give you a laugh or two. Take your pick and have a wonderful weekend. Image by Nithin Pa via Pexels. Image by Kelly via Pexels. Image by Amanda Moore... Continue Reading →

Putting hate in its place

It was getting late in the evening and I was getting ready to leave the newspaper to head home. I packed up my bag and put on my coat when the phone rang. I considered letting the phone ring, but knew it might be my wife, so I picked it up and answered with breezy informality.... Continue Reading →

Death and taxes!

I blame in on the fires and little emergencies that pop up out of nowhere in our life. Here's what I mean. I try to pay attention to the things that matter most at the end of the day, like family, friends, relationships. These are all solid things, but then I get pulled away in... Continue Reading →

When work leaves you speechless

I went to work last Tuesday and was looking forward to a productive day. I was light on meetings and was excited about getting some things checked off my list. Of course, that’s when the real fun began. For the second time in four years, I got told that I had been laid off. My... Continue Reading →

Three, two, one — Swish!

I love college basketball because anything can happen. College basketball is big money now, for a variety of reasons, but I still love the unpredictability of the game.  I love it especially this time of year as March Madness prepares to get underway. Oh yes, the NCAA Division I men’s and women's basketball tournaments get... Continue Reading →

My dog judges me

I’m failing miserably.  Here’s what I mean. My dog is judging my wife and me.  I eat salad and I get the look. It’s a deep probing look that says “Yo, birdbrain, you coulda had a hamburger and instead you’re eating a bunch of green stuff that grows from the ground. I pee all the... Continue Reading →

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