My idea for the latest new app

I check my smartphone and it seems like the tech giants of the internet come out with new and improved apps every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new game or a photo editing tool or a time management app, they all promise the world. These new apps got me thinking about a few... Continue Reading →

When I’m king of the world – Part III

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these columns. For those new to my blog, I’ve jotted down decrees off and on over the past several years that I will make law the instant I become King of the World. I have no plans for a Game of Thrones takeover anytime soon, so... Continue Reading →

Mysteries of life

I have a few questions. When I was a kid, I stumbled one night across an eerie documentary on the Bermuda Triangle. I couldn’t sleep and decided get out of bed to get some milk. In my zombie-like state, I turned on the television and came across the show which dived into how dozens of... Continue Reading →

A dog’s journey into our hearts

First comes the brush off. I chalk it up to a bad day. A few days goes by and she refuses to look at me, to the left, to the right, but not at me. I grumble under my breath. Finally, she avoids me altogether and runs to my daughter. An unfriendly coworker? A friend... Continue Reading →

A craving for comfort food

When my son was in boot camp, the swarm of drill instructors assigned to his platoon, kept him and the other recruits busy. They were running from sunup to sun-down. In one of his few letters home, my son scribbled down a list of the foods that he couldn’t wait to have when he came... Continue Reading →

Climbing the monkey bars of parenthood

When my daughter was five or six-years old, she used to like to climb the ladder to the monkey bars or the hanging ropes at the local playground. She’d take a step or two, look back at me, and then go back to the ladder. One of her feet would inevitably get tangled or come... Continue Reading →

Living my Strat-o-matic baseball dreams

I created the line-up card and handed it into the umpire. When the baseball game got started, I was the one who called for the steal, switched players, and made the long walk to the pitcher’s mound to take out the starting pitcher and put in a reliever. For one year of my life, I... Continue Reading →

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