Taking a snow day!

California has the sun. Oh the beautiful sun. Florida has the beaches. They’ve got Pennsylvania beat by a mile, but William Penn’s commonwealth does have one thing they can only dream about: Snow Days. I woke up the other day to  dreary skies and a forecast of several inches of snow and ice. Most of... Continue Reading →

What’s your Kryptonite?

In the comic book world, Kryptonite brought Superman to his knees. Superman would be kicking butt and Lex Luther or one villain or another would sneak some Kryptonite onto the scene and all bets would be off. Kryptonite, the green, crystal-like mineral would weaken and sicken Superman. He’d be crushed to his knees. Of course,... Continue Reading →

Life lessons from the obit page

I have a strange habit. It dates back to when I first became a newspaper reporter. Some people play with their hair, crack their knuckles, or say “Umm” and “Like” frequently in their speech. My habit: I read obituaries. No, I really read them. It doesn’t matter if I know the person or not, if... Continue Reading →

Dying of small talk

The barber spread the gown over top of me. I braced myself. I had already said hello and told him how I wanted my hair to be cut. We had gotten the basics out of the way. Still, I knew what was coming. “How about this warm weather?” he said waving a crooked finger toward... Continue Reading →

Tied-up in knots

I have red ones and blue ones, some have stripes and patterns. Some were very expensive to buy, others not so much. A few have spots where I spilled coffee or soda on them, most are made of sheeny silk and glisten in the light. They sit and they wait for me to pull them... Continue Reading →

Five days to get your life in order

I wanted to blurt out that I would travel to Las Vegas and put everything on black. I was in line with a coworker grabbing a quick bite to eat and he asked how I would spend my time if I learned I was going to die in five days. My first comment was to... Continue Reading →

My life as a stand-up comedian

I’ve long been fascinated by stand-up comedians. When I was a young kid, I loved to catch Bob Hope and Steve Martin on TV. Hope would make fun of his golf game or the intelligence of some hulking college All-American, Martin would riff on being a "wild and crazy guy." When I got a few... Continue Reading →

Parenting: Then and now

My hands shook as I got into the car and drove to work. I looked back in the rearview mirror and turned up the volume to the radio in the hopes that my thoughts would get carried away. The morning was your typical morning. I woke up, took a shower and got dressed and ready... Continue Reading →

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