How I spent my Saturday night and other horrors

I could have found better things to do with my time. I could have been out celebrating Halloween with friends. I could have enjoyed the final minutes of an interesting Clemson-Florida State college football game. I could have even caught up on some writing. (Goodness knows my blog needs more than a little attention.) However,... Continue Reading →

A different kind of love story

I write about the first date that became a lifetime of memories. And to think that it almost didn't happen. As I made the long drive home from that busy weekend 25 years ago, I kept replaying the weekend in my mind. I spun the weekend backward and forward, from the moment I arrived at... Continue Reading →

Things that make me go: Hmm

I’ve written lately about taking a trip back to my happy place and even things that I would change if I were king of the world. Until both of those happen, I’m writing today about a few of the things that confuse the hell out of me. We all have them, life’s little annoyances, pests, thing that... Continue Reading →

‘Playing favorites!’

Every parent is accused of playing favorites. Here's my story. When they were younger, my kids regularly teased my wife and I that we had a favorite child. They were convinced that we played favorites and that we loved a sibling more than we loved them. They always imagined that they had caught us in the... Continue Reading →

Show me the way

I was reminded recently that getting lost in the fog can be painfully frustrating and annoying, but the fog is soon replaced by sunny skies and a bright future. I tapped on the brake. I tapped again. I turned on my high beams and immediately turned them off. It was that kind of morning. Pea-soup fog... Continue Reading →

When I’m king of the world: Part II

A semi-regular column on things I would change when I’m king of the world. When I’m King of the World: --People who have deeply personal and loud conversations in public places while others are working quietly would have a special place in hell assigned just for them. --Cursive would be taught once again in elementary... Continue Reading →

A trip back to my happy place

The water slaps gently against the shore. I take a deep breath and draw-in the cool breeze blowing across my face, the warm sand on my feet, and the squawk of the seagulls overhead foraging the beach for food. The stress that has built up in my chest over two months of starting work at the crack of dawn and... Continue Reading →

The college shell game

The cost of Higher Education continues to spiral out-of-control, but something else sent me on a rant this week: the games college admissions offices play to entice students to campus. In particular, I write about some of the crazier emails my son has gotten.   My son has never stepped foot on the University of Vermont campus,... Continue Reading →

The faith of a child

My youngest son stormed into the house angry and ran up the stairs to his room. My wife came in a minute later and had a pained look on her face. My son, who recently turned 12, was frustrated that he had to go his one-evening-a-week religious education class. He would have rather spent the evening... Continue Reading →

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