Missing a green thumb

The sun, missing for weeks it seems, poked its head out from the clouds. The temperatures actually rose to a comfortable short sleeve t-shirt level. In turn, the tulips and daffodils seemed to appear out of nowhere. The grass too seemed to darken a shade or two overnight. With spring finally here, better late than... Continue Reading →

Testing out the empty nest

My wife and I went out to a restaurant this past Friday night and got seated right away. While we waited for our food, we vented about work and our busy week. We talked about what we had planned for the following weekend. Of course, the conversation ended up coming back to our kids, their... Continue Reading →

A parent’s nightmare: Kid’s last minute homework

I stood up from the desk, bleary-eyed and tired, and looked out the window at the nighttime sky. I had been tapping away at the computer for a good five hours and I had at least another two hours of work in front of me. I had written 18 pages of a 20-page paper on... Continue Reading →

Fiction: A father’s special gift

A short story on a father's return in a moment of crisis and the power of redemption.  . . . Dan clutched his bag and got up to leave. He passed empty desk after desk and let out a curse. How come he was the only one still at work? The rest of the team had... Continue Reading →

A vacation impasse

When North Carolina State basketball coach Jim Valvano gathered his basketball team together for the first time prior to the 1983 season, he set up a ladder and had the team practice cutting down the net as if they had just won the NCAA Championship. He viewed it as good practice for the real thing.... Continue Reading →

Does God have a sense of humor?

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon steps out onto the NBC Studio at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City to a rousing applause. He waves to the crowd and tells a few opening jokes about current events, including a joke or two at President Donald Trump’s expense, before diving into one about Elton John’s announcement... Continue Reading →

The problem with kids today

The guy was on a roll. If you had given him a microphone and a spotlight he would have looked like he was in the middle of a stand-up comedy routine at a nightclub in Los Angeles or New York City. In reality, he was holding court with a couple of his work friends in... Continue Reading →

The black screen of death!

My heart started racing and I felt an annoying ache starting to build in the back of my skull. My laptop wouldn’t turn on. I got a blank, black screen. I went into executive mode. I immediately started to rework my plans for the next day. I had scheduled a vacation day with the idea... Continue Reading →

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