What’s your favorite?

I started this blog on a rainy day in September on a whim, a way to check off an item on my life's bucket list. I had always wanted to write my own column or blog, but had never put a line in the sand and made it a priority. I figured I'd post a few... Continue Reading →

An Amish girl leaves home to create a new way of life

When my mother was 16 years old, she left everything she knew and held close to her heart. She left her home and family to start a new life. My mother grew up Pennsylvania Dutch or Amish. Her family had no car or electricity, living instead a simple life with plain dress and few modern conveniences. My... Continue Reading →

Taking a walk in Mary’s footsteps

(The Nativity story through Mary's eyes.) My beautiful, beautiful baby boy rests peacefully in my arms. We’ve both been busy. My husband Joseph and I welcomed him into the world tonight. I’ve seen many babies born over the years. I’ve even helped my mother deliver a few babies in the village where I grew up,... Continue Reading →

The long trip back to college

I’ve had a busy semester. It’s been a long 16 weeks. I’m worn out from challenging tests, ten-page papers, and formal research-based presentations. I need a break. No, I haven’t taken a test or written in a blue book in years. I haven’t laid out my research or outlined any long term papers. I haven’t even... Continue Reading →

Life’s first steps lead to a lifetime of surprises

I love surprises. I can think of a few over the years that have given me goosebumps: The first time Erin rolled over on her side when she was a baby. The look of surprise on her cherub-like face was priceless. The first time Sean slid down the sliding board, he toppled over and instead... Continue Reading →

When I retire: Sign me up!

When I retire, I want to be just like Luella. I met her when I was a junior in college earning extra money by doing the occasional free-lance story. She had spent her life as a small-town school teacher and was getting ready to join the Peace Corps. The editor I worked with at my... Continue Reading →

Protesting life’s little wrongs . . . at least on paper

I shook my head recently as I walked out of Wegmans grocery store. Earlier that morning, I forgot my lunch bag on the kitchen counter when I left for work and was forced to find something quick to eat before my next meeting. So despite my best laid plans, I walked out of Wegmans $15... Continue Reading →

The power of memories

The mail sometimes brings funny things. The other day it brought a complimentary issue of Reader’s Digest. The publisher in a marketing blitz was looking to sign me up as a subscriber. I haven’t read Reader’s Digest in years, in fact decades. I skimmed through the October issue and the smell of the little magazine... Continue Reading →

Choosing to be grateful

I trudged off to work the other day in a funk. I fumed that my car was still in the shop and I cracked my iPhone screen for the second time (really the third time, but that's a story for another day.) I worried about a project that I’m working on for work and where... Continue Reading →

To have and to hold from this day forward

We sat in the old church and watched the young couple hold hands. They had worked hard to get to their long-awaited day, their wedding day, and they looked so happy and peaceful. We were honored to join in the young couple’s day. As we waited for the ceremony to start, I found myself staring... Continue Reading →

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