Fiction: The push that killed my best friend

The challenge with any writing is to tell a good story. I wrote this piece of short fiction a few years ago for a writing class to see if I could write — not as an adult male — but as someone else, in this instance, as a rural country girl from the south. You... Continue Reading →

Making a fool of myself!

I walked out of my meeting with a huge grin. I had been worried about the meeting for weeks. I had practiced my sales pitch on my commute home and spent hours fine-tuning the presentation. In the end, the meeting had been a major success. I won approval from a key senior leader in my... Continue Reading →

Two versions of the same man

I've written and rewritten this piece countless times over the years. The piece will either strike a chord with readers or like the cliche says: go over like a lead balloon. But, it's  important for me to get it off my chest, to be open and honest in my writing and my faith. Here you... Continue Reading →

Fiction: The silver lining

I had a friend in college who suffered through an experience like this in high school. I guess it didn't work out too bad for him: He ended up marrying the girl. My short story ideas come from a lot of different thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This story has its share of sentimental fluff, but... Continue Reading →

Watching my kids grow up in front of me

I lost it. My coworkers wanted answers that I didn’t have time to track down. My wife wanted and deserved help around the house. My daughter wanted her daddy to recognize all the great things that she had learned that day. And my newborn son needed everything that a five-month old baby needs, love, food,... Continue Reading →

Fiction: Making things right

I love writing my blog. I love it so much that I probably post too frequently, but it keeps me writing and gives me a chance to write about what's going on in my life. I haven't posted a lot of my short stories, but it's also an opportunity to publish some of my other work. Here's a piece... Continue Reading →

Daydreaming: The movie playing in my head

The IT developer was getting agitated with the short, but burly car salesman who sat at his table. They were both nursing drinks, a Long Island Ice Tea for the developer, a craft beer for the salesman. “For the millionth time, I’m not interested in a new car. I like my little Camry, I’m not... Continue Reading →

Reminders of an Amish road not taken

A short Amish woman, wearing a brownish-gray dress and white prayer cap or covering, was camped outside of my busy work cafeteria in the Philadelphia suburbs on Wednesday selling various jams; large oversized oatmeal cookies; raisin bread smothered in white icing; thick, gooey cinnamon rolls, and, of course, whoopee pies. As soon as the woman had all... Continue Reading →

Missing the Big Valley Part II: Sending out my message in a bottle

I feel sort of like the guy who writes a message, rolls it up and puts it into a bottle, and then throws it into the ocean to see where it lands. The note could be an SOS message to potential rescuers, a message to a long-lost love, or even a silly schoolboy note, the topic... Continue Reading →

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