Happiest places on Earth

The little boy looked to be about four or five years old and held tight to his mom’s hand with one hand and a worn Teddy Bear in the other. He held back a yawn, but kept his eyes fixed on the escalator. He seemed to be taking everything in. When he couldn’t stand the... Continue Reading →

Meditation Part II

A little bird lets out two weak chirps. At least I think it was a little bird, maybe a chickadee or a sparrow, but I can’t really say for sure since my eyes are closed. And then another bird chirps back. The two birds go back-and-forth, backwards-and-forwards, like this for a few minutes.  My wife... Continue Reading →

Living with courage

I hadn’t thought about my coworker in a long time, but her name came up in conversation recently and I saw her vividly in my memories. She died several years ago after a courageous health battle. We had been close work friends for a few years -- we saw each other every day -- but... Continue Reading →

The Medicine Man

When we were in our 20s, my wife and I used to have a Halloween Party every year. We’d dress up in costumes. One year I went as Robinhood, another year I dressed up as an old-time western bartender. We’d invite friends over and have plenty of food and drink. Our one-bedroom apartment was tiny,... Continue Reading →

Death and taxes!

I blame in on the fires and little emergencies that pop up out of nowhere in our life. Here's what I mean. I try to pay attention to the things that matter most at the end of the day, like family, friends, relationships. These are all solid things, but then I get pulled away in... Continue Reading →

The full spectrum of emotions

My wife and I attended a viewing this past weekend. I've written about this in the past, I'm a "big baby" about viewings and funerals. Oh, I want to be caring and show my respects. I'm just reticent because I know the event will be full of small talk and I won't know what to... Continue Reading →

A good question

Early in my work career, I walked out of a team meeting with a friend of mine. I had slipped in late and he was giving me the rundown on what I had missed. When I was convinced that we were alone and could talk freely, I asked him about a contentious part of the... Continue Reading →

Do the math! 1+1=3!

A coworker was sharing with a group of us recently her date from hell. A high school friend had set her up on a blind date with a guy from her gym. The date started fine enough — my coworker learned that her date and her shared an interest in classic cars — but things... Continue Reading →

Writing myself into a corner

When I was a young reporter, we'd come back from a meeting or event and we would be under a tight deadline. You didn’t have a ton of time for lots of discussion about the best approach to take or what flowery language to use in the piece. We would often start by typing out... Continue Reading →

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