The lessons I’ve learned from ‘opening a vein’

When I first got the idea for this blog and launched this site six months ago, I was looking for a way to release some of my creative energy and to get back into the habit of writing for enjoyment. I think I’ve found my outlet. This blog marks my 52nd post. Over the past... Continue Reading →

On the campaign trail, there’s lies, damn lies, and then Donald Trump-sized lies

My mother was wrong. She taught me that you should always tell the truth and think before you speak. If you didn’t know an answer, you didn’t make one up. And while gossip and rumors are all around us, you should try your best to not repeat outside of the house what you heard, lest... Continue Reading →

That’s not fair!

Life isn’t fair. It’s one of those simple, but enduring lessons that we all have to learn at an early age. Johnny gets two pieces of candy and you only get one. “Aw, hang in there. Next time, you’ll get two.” Next time comes around and the parent, teacher, friend, whomever, forgets to start with... Continue Reading →

How a dog taught me the meaning of friendship

As a kid, I wanted my own dog. Every TV show that I watched and every book that I read seemed to feature a boy and his dog. They didn’t go anywhere without each other. They were inseparable. When I was just a toddler, my brothers had a dog, a big beautiful collie, named Shep,... Continue Reading →

The tragic story I’ve never been able to shake

A tear trickled down her cheek. She wiped it from her face and quickly turned her head to look out a nearby window. She stopped talking and we took a short break. A few minutes passed and we started up again. She told me how the day started like any other. They had breakfast and... Continue Reading →

Who is the loser now?

I messed up. Several years ago, I was competing against a coworker for a prized promotion. We both knew who was in the running and that it came down who did the best on a project that we had been assigned. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, an error, at the wrong time and I didn’t... Continue Reading →

What’d you say?

I blame it on my poor hearing. My son is looking at colleges and the potential of participating in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps to earn a commission in the U.S. Marines. He’s a strong, dedicated kid and will do well with whatever he chooses. I considered going the same route when I was... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl 50: A get-together unlike any other

When the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers line up across from each other tomorrow evening for Super Bowl 50, a number of records will be broken. CBS expects 189 million people will watch the game in the U.S. and around the world and increased the average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl to a record... Continue Reading →

When I’m king of the world

Years ago I read Shakespeare’s King Henry IV for some stuffy English Literature class. I don’t remember much about the play, but I vaguely recall King Henry complaining about the challenges and responsibilities of being king, stating “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” Unlike King Henry, I would eagerly take on the challenges... Continue Reading →

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