Fighting back against life’s little inconveniences

Some days you find inspiration from the unlikeliest places. A few weeks ago, CBS kicked off its Thursday Night Football schedule with a short 2-minute introductory speech featuring actor Forest Whitaker. I’ve long forgotten the game. If I’m not mistaken, the Denver Broncos came back for a last minute victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.... Continue Reading →

Words of wisdom from an unlikely source

Baseball great Yogi Berra died this week at the age of 90 and was known across the globe for his many quotes. You know you've lived a long, productive life when The USA Today runs a story on your death listing 50 of your greatest one-liners and quotes. Many people are familiar with Berra’s more... Continue Reading →

A new take on the thrill of victory & the agony of defeat

The runner raced up the slight hill and made the turn to the left. He led a pack of five other runners by a good 15 yards. He looked like a machine, his long legs chewing up ground, his arms moving forward and backward like pistons. His face was all business, no stress, no strain,... Continue Reading →

Treasures once lost, found again

For decades, Roman Totenberg, a legendary master violinist and teacher played his beloved Stradivarius violin all over the world. And then one day in 1980, he turned his back after a performance and the violin was gone. The music was stopped. Award-winning National Public Radio reporter Nina Totenberg penned a piece earlier this summer on... Continue Reading →

Getting out of my own way

I have a wonderful education. I have a bachelor’s degree from one of the best state schools in the country and a master’s degree in business from a school where I was able to get excellent one-to-one attention from experts in the field. You would think with all that education I would have the analytical and... Continue Reading →

The birth of a blogger

When I was young, I was small for my age and struggled to get my thoughts out. I’d stutter or stammer over the smallest things. Writing, now that was a different story. I could create new worlds or new endings to my favorite books.  I soon learned that I didn't have to be the biggest... Continue Reading →

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