The best laid plans of mice and men

Folk singer and songwriter John Prine had been planning to play several live shows in Kentucky, Calgary, and at the famed Apollo Theater in New York City in a few weeks in May and June. He had shows booked well into the Fall and even had a couple of events planned for next February.

pocket-watch-3156771_640Prine wasn’t the only one with important plans. A 30-year-old Utah woman was planning to go back to school in August and eventually start a new career. Finally, a 59-year old New York native, who had lived most of his life in the city, had recently celebrated his son’s wedding and was planning to move out West to be near him and his new wife.

Unfortunately, all three died last week, statistics in the COVID-19 battle. Their deaths were all caused in part by the COVID-19 virus and their friends and family members must now find the courage and faith to keep moving forward.

The best laid plans of mice and men 

pocket-watch-1637393_640Since we first started reading about the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus in China and as it has swept across the globe, I’ve been sadly gripped by how the virus can change peoples’ best-laid plans.

This isn’t a political story. I’m not getting into comparing the severity of the Coronavirus to Flu or how both hit the elderly and the immune system sensitive, but it’s still safe to say when COVID-19 hits, it hits hard. One minute a person is headed off to work or an important errand, a week or two later, they’re dead. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Changing on a dime

Oh yes, life can be a challenge. Just a few weeks ago, I thought nothing about going to the store for our weekly grocery trip. I considered it an afterthought, a typical day in the life of suburbia, a chore that had to be checked off the list. Of course, that was then. COVID-19 comes along and I turn around in the grocery store parking and head for home, simply because I forgot to bring a mask, gloves, and a cartoon full of Lysol wipes.

My whole routine has been changed. My perspective has been changed. I suspect that I’m  not alone.

date-62739_640Yes, life can hit hard, but life’s important lessons remain the same. Make every minute count. Be grateful for everything, great and small. Forgive others. Cherish your loved ones. Laugh often and freely. Let go of the superficial. Pray hard. Let nothing go unsaid, tell your loved ones that you love them. And finally, life goes on, the sun will come up tomorrow.  

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