The best laid plans of mice and men

Folk singer and songwriter John Prine had been planning to play several live shows in Kentucky, Calgary, and at the famed Apollo Theater in New York City in a few weeks in May and June. He had shows booked well into the Fall and even had a couple of events planned for next February. Prine... Continue Reading →

Getting the doctor’s diagnosis: Live like you were dying

The dentist came into the room with a copy of my dental x-ray in his hand. He gave me a big smile, that actually made me more nervous than calm, and went out of his way to promote the benefits of the practice’s 360-degree panoramic x-ray machine. He explained how the x-ray shows all the... Continue Reading →

Five days to get your life in order

I wanted to blurt out that I would travel to Las Vegas and put everything on black. I was in line with a coworker grabbing a quick bite to eat and he asked how I would spend my time if I learned I was going to die in five days. My first comment was to... Continue Reading →

Goodbyes are the hardest

When I was a young boy, my mom would gently wake me before my two brothers. It would still be pitch black outside, but since I was the youngest, I had to get up first to get a shower and get ready for school. I never wanted to get up. It was always a struggle,... Continue Reading →

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