Learning what matters most: My first brush with death

Two years ago, my youngest son was hanging out with a couple of his friends and called us on his cellphone to let us know that he was driving on a busy road near our home, and got hit by another car. When he came home, he was apologetic about the scratch on the car. ... Continue Reading →


I log off from my work network and shut down my laptop. It’s late on a Friday afternoon and it's been a busy week. I have one last item on my to-do list before I call it a day: write my mother. I grab a piece of stationary and start the note. It will be... Continue Reading →

Taking a pie in the face!

Board games have changed since I was a kid. We played Monopoly or Stratego. I usually had to beg one of my brothers to play with me. The worst that could happen if I lost: I would go bankrupt and owe my brothers a bunch of fake money or I’d lose my Colonel or General... Continue Reading →

Going for the knockout

"Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner, weighing in at a muscular 200 pounds and a record of 18 wins and 3 losses, we have the up-and-comer, the contender to the crown, the chief servant of the house. He cleans, he mops, there's little he can't fix. And in this corner weighing in at a portly... Continue Reading →

Gifts of Christmas: Faith

Christmas is not what we touch with our hands or see with our eyes, but what we feel inside and know in our hearts. It's the love that a small child has for his or her parents. It's the excitement we feel about getting together with loved ones and trading jokes and stories of cherished... Continue Reading →

Gifts of Christmas: Love

When we talk of Christmas, we think often of Christmas Carols sung on the radio; lights lit up outside in magical displays; stockings hanging in the living room; expensive presents under the tree. When we focus on these few things, when we focus on the commercialism of Christmas, we miss what matters most. We miss... Continue Reading →

Put your pencils down

I racked my brain. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing to my son. I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him, but I also wanted to let him know that I understood the importance of the week and that we had his back. My son is finishing up his first semester... Continue Reading →

Gifts of Christmas: Joy

When I think about the best moments in my life, they have not been about physical presents and gifts. Those joy-filled moments have instead been about walking down the aisle with my new wife, holding our babies close to my chest and then watching them grow into mature young adults, and celebrating a million other... Continue Reading →

Why married people fight!

I’m thinking of opening my own marriage counseling service. My wife and I have been married for close to three decades. Now I would need to tell anyone who came to me that my wife is the brains of the outfit. Outside of that, what qualifications do I bring to the job? Oh, absolutely none.... Continue Reading →

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