Living with courage

I hadn’t thought about my coworker in a long time, but her name came up in conversation recently and I saw her vividly in my memories. She died several years ago after a courageous health battle.

We had been close work friends for a few years — we saw each other every day — but then her work took her one direction and mine took me in another. We would still chit-chat occasionally, but that was about it. When we reconnected after I had learned about her battle, I was always taken back with the way she carried herself, her calm perspective on life, and her love of her family. She didn’t complain about the bad set of cards she had been dealt or the challenges of trying to work through the pain. Instead, any time I saw her, she wanted to talk about her kids or ask me about mine, calling each of them by name.

She was, in my mind, courage personified. This one’s for her. 

Image by Pixabay.

Image by André Cook via Pexels.

Image by Irina Iriser via Pexels.

Image by Felix Mittermeier via Pexels.

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  1. Great quotes! With health issues, I feel we can either hold our heads up and get through each wretched test + treatment, or we can be dragged, resisting all the way, through all the necessary t+t’s to keep ourselves alive. Our call.

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