Preparing my rain dance!

Oh, I got nothing today. The proverbial "can" as in having a blog post prepared and "in the can and ready to go at a moment's notice" is empty. The in-the-moment water spout is dry too, in fact it’s as dry as the Mojave Desert. Oh, it's not for the lack of trying. I sit... Continue Reading →

And they lived happily ever after

Two people start dating. They’re happy, they enjoy each other’s company. They introduce each other to their friends and family. Time goes by and it feels right and the guy gets down on one knee and proposes. They walk down the aisle, they say they're I do’s, they drink and dance at the reception. They mix... Continue Reading →

Toughest job of my life

I was a mess. The dust from the tar roof that we were ripping off naturally settled on whatever skin was exposed — mainly my arms and face —and when mixed with my sweat, felt like I had stepped into the middle of a raging bonfire. On top of that, the sun, hitting the 95... Continue Reading →

Being the contrarian

We paid the entrance fee and followed the crowd in front of us. It was our first visit to the San Diego Zoo. We had heard a lot about the zoo and were excited to enter. We followed the crowd straight-ahead, but then my wife and son veered right. I was trailing the two of... Continue Reading →

Challenges of adulthood

What the hell was I thinking? When I was a young, I was small for my age. I was always the smallest or one of the small kids in my elementary school classes, but I was a smart kid. I read a lot. I kept up with my homework. I did my chores, I listened... Continue Reading →

Second chances

If you had a chance to try something again, what would you try? The Today show and several news outlets in the Philadelphia area have run stories recently about a local man who retired from his nearly four-decade-long stint at the U.S. Postal Service to go back to school at Montgomery County Community College and pursue his... Continue Reading →

Taking a leap

A few months ago, I was driving late at night after picking up my son at college. We had to stop for gas. When I got back on the road, we had to drive up a small mountain and a heavy fog had rolled in, slowing our progress. Fortunately, I remembered what my Driver's Ed... Continue Reading →

Living with courage

I hadn’t thought about my coworker in a long time, but her name came up in conversation recently and I saw her vividly in my memories. She died several years ago after a courageous health battle. We had been close work friends for a few years -- we saw each other every day -- but... Continue Reading →

Lucky to get out

I grew up in a beautiful rural area.  When I was 17-years-old and felt depressed or claustrophobic growing up in my rural home, I would go for a drive. I would drive past beautiful Amish and non-Amish farms. I would drive past little churches with tall steeples. I would cut through the valley where I... Continue Reading →

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