The column where I upset everyone

I was going about my day last week and something popped up on one of my social media feeds that upset me. It was one of those misleading posts, full of half-truths and falsehoods that had taken on a life of its own. 

If I was wise, I would have just let it pass without a second thought. I thought of the Emily Dickinson quote, “Saying nothing sometimes says the most.” Oh, if only I was wise. Instead, I let the post bother me the rest of the day. I’d start a response, but then stop. I’d start it again and then stop. I must have done that ten times before I went to bed later that night.

When I woke up, the post still bothered me. I don’t normally post a lot of political rants mainly because you’re going to upset half of your audience and because we’ve all got opinions. Who’s to say who’s got the right one? 

In any event, I need to get a few things off my chest. I’m not sure what has brought on this latest rant, maybe I’m stuck at home too much because of Covid or I just need to go pull up a chair and watch some NetFlix, but, whatever the case, here goes:

–Just shut up. We’re all tired of wearing masks. We’ve been at this thing now for six months plus. I get the frustration, but get over it. If you don’t like it, don’t enter a public place. Yes, I get the frustration about having to run back home or to your car to grab a mask, but get over it. I tell you that Covid has killed hundreds of thousands of people, you tell me it’s no more dangerous than the flu, I don’t care, get over it. If wearing a mask is going too corral the virus, then get over it.

–I’m tired of hypocrites. In March 2016, 237 days before the presidential election, the Republican-led Senate refused to hold a hearing or vote on Merrick Garland, then President Barack Obama’s nominee. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said at the time that “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

Too close to the the election. Fine. Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes away six weeks away from the presidential election and now it’s plenty of time to vote on a nominee. Just stop Mitch. Stop with the wishy-washy semantics and just tell the truth. You’ve got the votes and you’re going to take advantage of the opportunity.

I may or may not like the truth, but the truth is better than the hypocritical lies that I’ve been hearing from Republicans (and I’m a Republican.) The Democrats meanwhile need to stop their complaining and change things. Win back the Senate and then you’ll get your say. I hate to say this, but power matters. Until then, stop your complaining. 

–Care just a little about those less fortunate. The coronavirus death toll hit in the United States hit 202,000 people this week. You would think President Trump and his handlers would show a little emotion, a little caring. You would be wrong.

His quote at his rally on Sept. 18: “Now we know it. It [the coronavirus] affects elderly people, elderly people with heart problems and other problems. If they have other problems. That’s what it really affects. That’s it.

“You know, In some states, thousands of people—nobody young. Below the age of 18, like, nobody. They have a strong immune system, who knows? You look…Take your hat off to the young, because they have a hell of an immune system. But it affects virtually nobody. It’s an amazing thing.” 

I could argue how deeply coronavirus affects society, but I won’t even go there. I’ve read the quote twenty times and I’m still blown away by the callousness. “Virtually nobody,” really? I know empathy is not President Trump’s thing, but does he not realize that those “nobodies” are someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter. They are somebody. Be a leader and work with Federal and State officials to solve this problem.

–This Catholic cares. One more Trump campaign related note. I’m told in the media and by certain personalities that I as a Catholic should cast my vote for Trump since he’s pro-life and nominated so many conservative judges. I won’t argue any of those statements, but to be pro-life means more than just protecting the unborn. It means promoting, supporting and protecting the worth of all lives, including children, the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the refugee fleeing other countries, and, yes, it means doing away with capital punishment.

If you’re pro-life, how do you separate children from their mothers. I’m fine with building a wall, but where’s the caring solution that includes real Christian values while also protecting America’s interests? Are we not a country of immigrants? Have we forgotten: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore?” We’re better than this.

In addition, the Trump administration earlier this year pushed for and the Supreme Court cleared the way for executions to start back up after a 17 year break. Since April, the U.S. has put to death seven inmates on death row. Of course, these inmates are in prison for horrible, horrible acts. There’s no glossing over that. However, if the face of God exists in the unborn, does it not exist too in the convicted murderer? If you’re pro-life, then be pro-life.

I could mention other topics like failing to come out against Russia putting bounty’s on American soldiers; stoking racial tensions, instead of working to bring the American people together; the constant lies: declining to commit to a peaceful transition; sowing doubt and confidence in the election process, when the intelligence community has failed to back up Trump’s claims of fraud; and struggling to come up with a cohesive plan to fight Covid to name a few, but I’ll let them go. In the end, it comes down to a simple decision, I can not and will not vote for Trump. 

–Yea, you suck too. I’m no fan of President Trump, but the Democrats need to take some blame for this crazy election season. They’re like a bad car wreck that you see coming from miles away. The Democrats had plenty of time to select someone with charisma, someone of value. Instead they gave us Joe Biden. Oh, I don’t hate Biden. I think he means well and I don’t think he’s out to lunch like President Trump would have you believe, but at 77, he’ll be facing the biggest test of his life. We have serious challenges facing us, challenges that will test even the fittest of presidents. Will Biden be up to the task? In the end, I come down to a simple question: I trust his values, leadership, and his ego more than I do Trump’s. (He means well. I can never tell what Trump’s intentions are. They’re usually for himself.)

Whoever is elected, God help us and be with us.

Finally, I promise no more election-related posts, at least until someone upsets me again . . . which could be tomorrow or the next day.

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