Time’s a wastin’

The early bird gets the worm. 

Time and tide wait for no man.

Time is money.  

Time flies.

Okay you get the picture. I’m hyper sensitive to wasting time. I’m very much an achiever, I’m restless until I’m able to accomplish something — both big and small goals — each day. I need to be checking off an imaginary “to do” list each day. If I’m not, I’m lost. That’s a nice way of saying, I like to control things and am a bit crazy too.

Life, though, has a way of getting in the way and letting us know that we’re really not in control and the things that matter, often times in life, are actually out of our hands. Oh, yes, the the things that matter in life have little to do with lists and work. Yes, don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of our plans. Ugh, I cry out in return, “just let me in control and everything will work out. Trust me.” But, life instead laughs in my face. How rude!

Today, I write about one such incident that happened to me recently. in my story, Locked out! I’ll repeat it here again, it was not one of my finest moments, but it’s still funny nonetheless. 

I think you’ll appreciate the story. Check out my story, while you’re at it follow The Heart of The Matter. Lots of great content.

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  1. “That’s a nice way of saying, I like to control things and am a bit crazy too.” Me too, Brian, me too! Love your original post, and this one too!

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    1. That’s too funny. “Help, I’m locked in your bathroom, can you come help me?” Mmmm, maybe I should wait to fix the latch and play a trick on my kids the next time they come home. Nah, it might be awhile and I could see me locking myself in there again. Ha, ha.

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      1. “Hey, wait a minute, why are we moving?” I could see us asking that question. Ha, ha. Sure sounds like you’re glad you moved though!!! Our son is in the USMC and we visited him and traveled to Palm Springs two years ago. Lovely area, but definitely high cost of living! 😎😎😎😎


      2. That’s what I wondered. Now that I’m two years in Arizona, I’m grateful we moved. One of the reasons is cost of living. Our electric bill was $1,100 a month in the summer for AC. In our new house it’s $400!

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      3. Oh my goodness, yea, I would move too! I don’t know if it will be westward, but we’re definitely looking at our options over the long term, nothing keeping us now in the northeast, except for being a wayward spot for our kids when they come home. Glad you’re loving the move!!!!

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    1. I think of that phrase a lot. I’m convinced that if there is a God, he or she has a wonderful sense of humor, especially laughing at all the would-be plans that I’ve had and that have crumbled to bits. Ha, ha. I figure if God has a sense of humor, then I better too. 🙂

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    1. Sheila your comment is funny please forgive me if I find it hilarious😂😂. So you carry your phone to the bathroom , Okay. Hope one day it doesn’t get flushed

      I get it you need your phone to track time and to not miss calls👏

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      1. Hi thanks for the compliment! Actually, carrying my phone to the bathroom is my rendition of the Help song that goes I’ve fallen and I can’t get up syndrome! I always hope someone will find my words hilarious – so thanks for letting me know you laughed…mission accomplished.

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  2. Nailed this blog topic “TIME’S A WASTIN” Brian and it is very true. Time flies first, time and tides wait for no man and time is money. As the year 2023 has started , it shows that time is really flying, just weeks ago we were in awe of the Christmas celebrations and having fun during the holidays and now fun time is over.

    I love what you said about being restless until you accomplish your small or big goals daily, I too have the same vibe when it comes to getting things done, it may be telling myself I will publish a blog post before end of day and I will push till it is published. Though we may set plans and goals life has a terrible way of ruining things out of the blue. I hate it when life rears its ugly head in the middle of goal setting but hey we have to digest that life is always unfair it has its good times and its bad times we just need to be consistent despite the challenges and how life unfolds in an uncertain way🙏

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