Final Exams!

When I was in college, this was a tough time of the year. Finals exams. The mere mention of the word still brings up tightness and and pressure in my stomach. The challenge wasn’t any one exam, it was the gauntlet of having four or five exams all within a few days of each other. And, they always seemed to matter.

With that as the background, I can’t help but think of my son and other students cramming for final exams. My son’s start this coming week and I know other students who have them from now until June. I hope they can keep these quotes in mind as they face the struggles coming their way.

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  1. My daughter has four papers….except for her capstone I think she feels good. Yesterday they had university day where hopefully she blew off a little steam…as I saw some of the picks I think mission accomplished

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    1. Ooh, that’s a tough one. Four papers, wow. One or two okay, but four, that’s a lot of writing. You always ask good questions in your blog, here’s one for you. Which would you prefer four long academic papers (lots of research and citing, etc) or four traditional final exams? I’m a writer, so I would probably choose the papers, but that’s a lot of work and I remember being envious of peers who could simply take a test and be done with it. Ha, ha. Anyway, good luck to your daughter.

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      1. I’m not a good memorizer of facts, so tests don’t suit me. I’d be much better off with papers. I think for her, after writing an 80 page thesis, this other stuff is easy…😆

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  2. Good luck to your son,Brian, and everyone else sitting exams. I always got so nervous when my students are sitting their exams. It is such a stressful time for them. So much expectation on what they can do in a couple of hours

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  3. Thanks for these inspirational quotes! Good luck to your son. I’m sure he’ll do very well. I have high school students working on their Associate’s degree. Unfortunately, in the spring semester, they have to take college finals (for any dual credit classes) and then a high school final for classes they can’t exempt (juniors can exempt 3). It’s ridiculous that they have to take 2 finals! Let’s just say we’ve found a loophole that works best for students when it comes to the high school final. We have to keep not in the cave, though! 🤗

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      1. I’m amazed by these students. They work so hard! Thanks, Brian. We start the college final tomorrow. It’s English, so we made it into a presentation and they have the week to work on it, so hopefully it’s not too stressful 👍

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      2. It’s hard, but remind them they’ll thank themselves later. I tried to convince my son to do it. He took AP classes, but I couldn’t get him to do the dual enrollment. His friend, while technically a freshmen, will have a much easier road to getting her bachelor’s degree. Sending good thoughts!

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