My day trip to Heaven

Six years ago, I wrote about my dream dinner party, the five people, living or dead, who I would invite to a special dinner. In my my story, “Party of six, you’re table is ready,” I walked through the various options and threw out some names of people who I thought might be interesting to share dinner and stories.

You know what I mean, yes to Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, no to Aaron Burr. Yes to Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury of Queen, no to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Yes to Sidney Pointier and Sean Connery, no to Tom Cruise. Yes to Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, but no to Joe Frazier.

In the end, I chose my family. Yes, a boring choice, but hey there’s nothing better than getting to hang with “my gang.”

I’m not changing my mind, but my brain does go in some crazy directions. I’m fascinated with the idea of talking with important and everyday people from the past. In his 2011 song, “If heaven wasn’t so far away,” country singer Justin Moore sings about how he’d give anything to “pack up the kids” and go to heaven for the day and introduce them to their grandpa.

I must have been thinking subconsciously about Moore’s song, because I had a dream recently about getting a one-day pass to heaven. I’m not sure how I was selected to be one of the lucky ones — maybe I won some kind of strange Mega Millions or Powerball Lottery — but I wasn’t asking a lot of questions. I write about the dream and my reactions today in my blog, Knock, knock, knocking’ on heaven’s door, on the Heart of the Matter.

Take a look and see who I’m choosing to meet up in heaven. If you had the chance to visit heaven, who would you get together with or see again? Long lost family members? World leaders? Musicians or writers? The choices are endless? Who would you select?

Image by Brett Sayles via Pexels

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    1. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the feedback. I hope the creativity shows through. I love that part about blogging, taking an idea, nurturing it from nothing and seeing where it goes. I’ve had a lot of fun lately with the blog. Hopefully it continues. Yea, I’ve been thinking about my dad, so it makes sense he would be first in my mind!

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  1. I love that!!!! Being with family and introducing your kids to the ones we lost before they were born would be a dream come true. I had a dream the other night that I was hanging out with my Grandpa and my daughter was with me. I tell you when I woke up my heart was crushed.

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