Shutting out the world

The world can be a loud and crazy place. For every believer or supporter, we'll run into ten other doubters. Sometimes we need to tell others to be quiet, and to trust the artist inside of us. We need close the blinds to the outside world and trust ourselves! We need to trust our instinct.... Continue Reading →

Struggling to find the right words

I sit down to write, but nothing comes. I'll see something in the news or on social media that touches me or a politician will say something in this crazy climate that will make my blood boil. I’ll think to myself, how can they be so uneducated or even uncaring, but when I sit down... Continue Reading →

Learning new things during COVID-19

I’ve been married to my wife for more than 25 years. When you wake up next to the same person for that many years, you get to know them pretty well. In my wife's case, I've learned everything from her little idiosyncrasies like how she rubs her nose with the palm of her hand to... Continue Reading →

My dream: a hug and a vision of peace

I’m flawed. I get angry and fly off the handle easily with little warning. I’m selfish and impatient. I hold grudges and write others off for the smallest of offenses. I can be mean and disagreeable. I curse and swear and would sooner run over you than let you sneak in front of me on... Continue Reading →

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