Learning my lesson

I guess maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. 

Shortly after my wife and I were married, we visited Hawaii. We visited several of the beaches; Diamond Head, the volcanic cone on Oahu; and the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. (I can’t recommend enough stopping by the national memorial, especially the USS Arizona, it’s a touching experience.)

The highlight of the vacation was a quick side trip to Maui. We had it all planned out, we’d take the Hana Highway, a narrow 60-mile stretch of curvy road which connects Kahului to the town of Hana in east Maui. The highway is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, dramatic ocean views, and hiking trails. We were especially excited to stop at the Seven Sacred Pools, a collection of waterfalls located along the Kipahulu Coastline in the Haleakala National Park. 

After a long day of curvy turns, we made it to our destination. I was fascinated looking down at the waterfalls. It looked like something out of a magical fairytale. Our stay in paradise was short-lived. The next thing I know I looked back to see my wife sprawled on the ground in pain. She had fallen on the wet grass and pavement. We ran to a park ranger for help. He told us that we would have to drive an hour to the nearest medical facility.

The pain raced up my wife’s elbow and shoulder. We would learn later that she had a dislocated shoulder. At one of the worst moments, I told my wife to “suck it up.” Well not exactly, but that’s how it came out. What I meant to say was to stick it out until the next curve, where I would pull-over and try to calm her. I was trying to help my wife push through the pain, Lamaze-like, but all my wife heard was “suck it up, you wimp.”

Of course, those words never came out of my mouth, but I’ve had to live with the comment for years. It’s been a joke between us and one that I suspect will stay with us until the day we die.

Fast forward to this week. I had to travel to South Florida for work. My wife decided take a few days off and go along. We were excited, we would make a long weekend of it. Sure enough, while I was at work, she fell at our hotel and dislocated two bones and broke another one. 

On the way home from the hospital to our hotel room, my wife winced every time we hit a bump in the road that sent a streak of pain up her arm. Like an old dog, though, I learned my lesson. I simply gave her my best sympathetic look, offered an “ahh, I’m sorry” apology, and said nothing else.

I learned my lesson: sometimes it’s best to be quiet!

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    1. Yes, yes, Davy, an old dog can really learn new tricks. Ha, ha, my wife has been laughing that I’ve been really quiet about the fall. I keep telling her, I know better now!!! Thanks for the well-wishes! (Who’s winning the world cup on Sunday — France or Argentina? Any personal favorite?)

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      1. I’d like to see Argentina win, Brian, as a goodbye for Messi. He has been one of football’s greats. My head says France. They are a strong team and might not get overawed by the emotion of the occasion. It has the potential to be a classic. How about you?

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      2. Similar feeling. Probably rooting for Argentina, Messi has been so great, for so long. But, just amazed by Mpappe and the French team’s speed and ability to score. They make it fun to watch. (Thought England did a great job staying with them. I know that’s little solace.) Like you, I think it could be an amazing game! I’ll be interested in seeing the viewership numbers in the US. I know off the charts across the globe. I think finally it will be huge here too. It’s on Sunday morning, right before the start of the NFL and American football. Great to see the interest here. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Medical mishaps while traveling? So challenging! Sorry to hear about your wife’s fall – hope she’s feeling better every day. Thanks, too, for the reminder about how our words “land” sometimes on others…even in scenic places. 😊

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    1. I swear I was misquoted! Instead of saying “suck it up,” I swear I said, “suck it up, honey.” C’mon, that’s a big difference now!!!!! Lol. Yes, yes, I’m joking. Thanks for the well wishes. Of course, I’m convinced that we have to go back to some sunny spot since we didn’t really get to enjoy it this time!

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      1. Yes, yes — too funny. And then add in all of the adrenalin — for both of you – crazy times to try to be clear, heard, etc. And yes, indeed — a return trip to the Hana Highway sounds delightful for the two of you. Great description…and a place I’ve never been to, but now feel I must go! 😉

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      2. Google “road to Hana.” The images are amazing, always reminds of the old TV show, “fantasy island.” Maybe one day we’ll get back. We do keep joking that if the pool had been snow, she probably wouldn’t have broken her arm. Maybe winter ❄️ and the cold temps are good for something after all. Nah!!!!

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  2. So sorry to hear about your wife’s accident Brian. I hope she is progressing with her recuperation from her recent mishap. While not making fun, or light of the situation, it is quite comical. I’ve been in the same place that you’ve been in, so trust me, I think your lesson learned is a safe one, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend! 🌞🌟🥰

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    1. Yes, yes, Kym, my point exactly. Ha, ha, when she was done with surgery, we both were joking about her fall. I asked if the fall was like the old Nestea Plunge (remember the silly commercials), or a cannon ball jump, or a burpee fall on the cement. My joke made her laugh! We’re making the best of the situation. Have a great weekend too!

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      1. Oh, that would be very bad!!! I put something in the oven the other night, when I reached up I heard something crack. I thought for sure that I was goner, that I had pulled something in my back. Two of us down for the count. Fortunately, it was nothing, but my lightheartedness was gone for one quick second. Thank you!

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    1. The injury in Hawaii was a dislocated shoulder, this one was a dislocated and broken bone in her hand. She fell in Hawaii because of the wet ground. This time was the wet cement of the hotel pool. The funny thing is that she was sending me pictures of the beach and pool while I was in my work meetings. I told it was fate/karma getting back at her while I was in a stuffy day-long planning meeting. She doesn’t like my joke. Ha, ha. She’s still a lil sore, but starting to feel better. The big challenge is going to be lots of OT/PT coming up, but she’s a fighter, we’ll get through this. Thanks for the well-wishes.


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s accidents and injuries. I’ve been told that dislocations are excruciatingly painful, so every movement must have really hurt her. I’m glad she’s on the mend now, though. I’ve heard of the expression, ‘least said, soonest mended.’ In other words, some difficult things are best left unspoken. I think you learned your lesson anyway, by the sound of it. I do wish your wife well. I expect you’re busy getting ready for the holidays. I’ve not done much, but then, I’m on my own, so I don’t have to worry about tidying up and cooking a big meal etc. I guess they could be thought of as advantages. However, my son and grandchildren are coming on Boxing Day. I must remember to take photos – I always forget. Wishing you well, Brian. The photos are gorgeous, by the way – what a lovely place.

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    1. Yes, the dislocated shoulder/elbow was very painful for her. She used to say that it was more painful than giving birth. She’s sore now, but doing much better. We’re busy, but really just trying to enjoy the season and take it easy. I still have to work part of next week . . . but trying to take things in stride. Boxing Day. I remember hearing that as a kid and thinking it was a bunch of English and Canadian fighters battling each other the day after Christmas. When I heard it was celebrated in Australia too, I thought it had something to do with Kangaroos. Yes, Ellie, I’ve led a sheltered life. Showing my naïveté! Ha, ha. Have a wonderful time with your family!!!!

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  4. Gorgeous pics and I know the feeling well. I was supposed to lead a huge hike in Kauai and fell off a 2 inch curb and landed on the lawn but twisted my ankle. OUCH. 4 days of dunking my foot in ice all day 20 min on and 20 off, I was off to the trails shockingly and lead it!
    Shoulders are painful.. glad she recovered well. 💞

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  5. I hope your wife is well on her way to recovery! I admire your honesty and your resolve to change. We are all works in progress. As far as I am concerned, admitting this fact is the key to healthy growth and aging gracefully! Love your blog and glad I found it!

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