What Elon Musk and others miss?

I feel like I’ve lost my patience. 

When I was a young worker, I would hit a roadblock in the office, and I would find a different way to get what I wanted or needed. I was a problem solver, and I would put in the hours, put in the work, to help make the customer happy. I measured my success and my progress on whether or not I was able to help the customer or client.

I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere along the road, I’ve lost the patience to deal with bad leadership decisions, rework that wastes time and costs thousands of dollars and leaders who are out for themselves, which in the end, always affects the customer or client. I have no patience for any of that anymore. I get why friends along the journey have quit to start their own businesses or leave the workforce altogether.

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Letting out some steam

Oh, I’m just venting. I’ll be fine in thirty minutes, but I can’t help but laugh at the spinning, self-congratulating, and protecting one’s backside that happens. Yes, there are a lot of smart people in leadership roles, but there are still too many who have no idea what it means to lead.

  • They fail to communicate to employees. 
  • They say one thing about the company mission, but then go about and act in a completely different fashion. 
  • They worry about short-term challenges, but fail to re-invest and plan for the long-term. 
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Last one to leave, remember to turn out the lights!

I see it in the number of recent company layoffs. If the economy continues to flail, the number of layoffs will only increase. I watch too as Elon Musk buys a company like Twitter and without much thought, haphazardly cuts the the company size to less than half. That’s one way to cut staff, but it’s also a quick way to run the company into the ground. 

My employer has issues, but the leaders, for the most part, mean well. Still, I get scared when I look and see how other firms behave and act. I shake my head and remind myself that I need to open my own business. 

Now if I could just find a once-in-a-lifetime idea and an angel investor to back me! 😎

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  1. This seems to be the new culture for business, Brian, and the same is happening over here in the UK. Companies who focus on glossy advertising campaigns, websites and policies and procedures and forget the importance of customer service. Now most things are online it is easy for them to hide behind the gloss. Keep working on the idea, I’m sure it will come.

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  2. Based on experiences I’ve had…this was spot-on, sadly: “Oh, I’m just venting. I’ll be fine in thirty minutes, but I can’t help but laugh at the spinning, self-congratulating, and protecting one’s backside…” I hear you. And yes…you’ll be fine after venting but I can see those wheels in motion…wondering what opportunities await. Best of luck as you consider options. I like what you shared with Davydwriter above — a coffee shop sounds terrific! I’ll bake the scones! 😊😊😊

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    1. Great read of the situation Victoria. From the corporate world’s perspective, I’m not in my 30s and 40s, so I’m not an up and comer anymore, at the same time, I’m not old enough to truly retire and call it a day. And I’m not sure I would want to anyway. I have too much to give back yet. So, yes, the wheels are turning. Where they’ll land, I’m not sure. A coffee/scone shop would be fun, but I know it would take much more work than I’m imagining. If only, I could just play with my blog each day and earn a living that way!!! Ha, ha.

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      1. I have confidence you’ll figure it all out…and I love what you shared — that you still have a lot to contribute. I don’t doubt that for a minute. Sometimes it’s harder when you’ve got the gift of perspective that others lack…you SEE things…but can’t always impact what’s around you. That’s tough — but hang in there. I suspect there are many who need your presence/voice…even when they can’t speak up themselves. 😉😉😉

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      2. Yes, I’m taking my time. I worked for years at one firm, before leaving to try my hand at consulting. I ran smack dab into the pandemic and a corporate furlough. Yes, my timing could have been better. Lol!!!! I landed on my feet, but these past two years have been interesting. So I’m taking my time. It’s just a strange feeling to believe that there’s something still out there, but not knowing what it is. I’ll be fine. The corporate world is just a fickle lot. I’ve always knows that. As usual, my writing is my chance to get out what I’m holding up inside. Thanks for the confidence and the encouragement. Much appreciated.

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