New year, new man

Tick, tick, tick, another year has passed. 

Weren’t we just here? Didn’t we just celebrate the start of the new year? I swear I turned on the television yesterday and Ryan Seacrest and host of other New Year’s Eve commentators were talking about how challenging 2020 had been and how we were all looking forward to 2021? And here we are again.

With a new year dawning, I’m left with a few simple thoughts: Most important, no one is guaranteed anything. No one can pick and choose their time on Earth. You get what you get. The pandemic has certainly been a reminder of that.

To be precise, there are 8,760 hours in a year. If you’re lucky, you get all 8,760 hours. Some people get less, but no matter what, as long as you’re here, you have to figure out how we’re going to use your time. How will you use yours?

Will you sleep through them? Will you live on a roller coaster adventure? Will you live someone else’s life or will you live yours? Will you make memories worth savoring or pile up a mountain of material things?

We all have to answer for ourselves. My answer: I’m going to make the most of mine. I’m going to live in the present and be sure to tell the special people in my life that I love them.

I’ll start with readers of my blog: Thanks for reading, please stop by again, and have a Happy New Year!

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