Finding myself in the silence

The long tree branches block out the sun’s hot rays — and on this day when the mid-day temperature hits the mid-90s, it is most certainly hot — but I’m most appreciative of the gentle breeze that runs through the woods.


I tread carefully through the wooded area, moving from tree to tree, watching where I put my foot down. I take a step or two, stop and look around, and then then start up and take another few steps, before stopping again.

I’m walking as quietly as I can to see what I might find, perhaps a doe and it’s fawn or even squirrel or two rustling through the trees, but I’ve really come to get away. In my job, I’ve been running lately from busy meeting to busy meeting, conference call to conference call. And then my weekends seem to be filled up with trips and excursions, never really giving me any down time.

I’ve come for the silence

A chance to get away

It hits me standing in the woods that I’ve missed this, the utter peace and quiet. I bend over to see the hardened tracks of a raccoon and some animal in the dried mud. I look further ahead and I see the forest showing off, awash in lush greens.


We run and run on an ever-challenging treadmill, never slowing for a second to regroup or catch our breath. To top it off, we often seem to run from silence. We turn on the TV, full of a multitude of talking heads, all seeing who can talk louder, instead of reading a book or simply closing our eyes for a quick breather. We fill our weekends with errands, instead of taking a walk with our partner or loved one.

I’m guilty as anyone. I love to be on the go. I love to be busy and take pride in checking off a ton of things off my daily “to do” list, but I need this time. I need it to recharge and remember who I am. I need it to remember what’s important to me.

A return to the rat-race

leaves-1866429_640.jpgLater, I return to the craziness that is my life. Little has changed. I still have the same responsibilities, the same obligations. The bills still set on my desk. I still have that same darned email to write for work. But I’m calmer now. I pick up my phone and put out the latest fire. I still crave a long vacation, but I’m calmer now. The situation has changed little in the time that I’ve been away, but I have.

I’ve found my bearings once again.


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