Things that make me go: Hmm

I’ve written lately about taking a trip back to my happy place and even things that I would change if I were king of the world. Until both of those happen, I’m writing today about a few of the things that confuse the hell out of me.

We all have them, life’s little annoyances, pests, thing that you just can’t figure out for the life of you. Here’s a few of mine:

typewriter-1407820_640–Why must Movies and TV shows be so violent? I’m not a prude, but I don’t understand why shots of blood have taken the place of dialogue and plot. I turned on some medical show recently and I could have sworn I was watching a documentary on successful heart transplants. Interestingly enough, the imagery didn’t convince me one bit that that the stiff actor speaking the lines knew the difference between a vein or an artery or even a sponge or scalpel for that matter.

–Why are the Kardashians famous and does anybody really care about them? 

–Why do so many American companies forget about the little guy: both their client and the front-line people serving the clients?

–Why must the National Football League and network television executives start prime time football games so late? Don’t they understand that many times the games end well past midnight? Yes I understand that not everyone lives on the East Coast and the executives care about one thing and one thing only — the almighty dollar — but couldn’t they start the games even a half-hour earlier?

–Why is it guaranteed to rain on the weekend and the sun come out to shine while I’m at work?

–Why am I exhausted the minute I have to get up for work and wired the minute I lay down for bed?

–Why can I never get enough time to write and the minute I finally have a bit of free time, it feels like the well has run dry?

–Why are politicians on both sides of the aisle (both Democrats and Republicans) so self-serving and out for themselves versus the people they represent? The term statesman used to mean something and unfortunately it’s been a long time since I thought that about a member of either party.


–Why is it guaranteed that my sons will see the $20 I leave out on the table for them and miss the note that says to clean their rooms?

–What are protons, electrons, and neutrons again? Yes, I paid attention in sixth grade science, but I need a refresher. And while we’re at, how does photosynthesis work again. I understand the concept, but no idea of how it works. I think I could even go for a couple of math problems involving sine and cosign or even a word problem with Jerry and Jim starting two hours apart on two different trains? I swear I’ll pay attention this time.

–How can we build these machines that puts a world’s worth of information at your fingertips (laptops and phones), put a man on the moon, and manufacture giant engines that help us travel great distances in only a few hours, but the local chain store where I get my morning coffee can never seem to get my simple order of coffee with cream, no sugar, correct?

Oh the mysteries of life.

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