Meditation Part II

A little bird lets out two weak chirps. At least I think it was a little bird, maybe a chickadee or a sparrow, but I can’t really say for sure since my eyes are closed. And then another bird chirps back. The two birds go back-and-forth, backwards-and-forwards, like this for a few minutes. 

My wife needs me to take her to an early morning MRI procedure. We’re going to leave in a few minutes, but I close my eyes to clear my head and to try to meditate. I wrote in Meditate on This! on how I’m learning to meditate and be more mindful of my surroundings in my search for greater peace and calm.

Besides the birds, I hear another little chirp. A different kind of one. I hear my wife tapping on her phone. Even with my eyes closed, I can tell that she’s sending a text and within seconds then she gets a chirp, a text I assume from a work friend. She types some more and then a pause. And then another chirp. She lets out a small audible sigh. It goes on like this for a few more minutes.

There’s chirping outside, chirping inside, and my mind wanders again. I keep trying to come back to the here and now. I hear my own deep breathing, breaths in and out, in and out. I think I’m getting better at this, but then my mind wanders again and I’m thinking about my schedule or the weather or even whether I have gas in my car.

Yes, I need to work on this. It’s a process, right?

Image by Olia Danilevich via Pexels.

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  1. Definitely a process Brian. And I’m with you, sometimes it works but sometimes my brain just doesn’t settle. But listening to the birds might have been quite pleasant? I must admit I was woken up by what I think we’re pigeons cooing on the roof above my head at about 6am

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    1. Yes, I wouldn’t have listened to the birds otherwise. I would have been running around getting ready for the day. I keep telling myself it’s the journey, not the destination. I’m not sure that’s true, but it sounds like there’s some wisdom in there. Ha, ha.

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  2. I would love to find the switch where I could turn my brain off from thinking about the past or thinking about the (potential) future and just be in the moment. I end up trying too hard when I try to meditate and that just makes me frustrated!

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    1. A switch would be nice. I think it’s all about the process, not trying so hard and just taking it in, being happy with just trying to center your thoughts and take a few minutes for yourself. But what do I know, I’m the one with the wandering mind. Ha, ha.


  3. Oh gosh…chirps of a different kind…you’re right…practice, practice…so many distractions all around. Sorry you had to be up and moving so early…hope all goes well today! 😉

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  4. I will just say that the more a person worries about or focuses on doing something perfectly in my experience the more they usually are unsuccessful, especially when turning off the world in general can feel impossible. I know that everyone talks about practice in mindfulness, but practicing without careful thought and the right environment seems pointless in the early stages of learning the skill. As a learner you need a conducive environment. As a master you can breath and focus and know how to calm with greater ease even in times of greater stress which is the whole point right!

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  5. It takes practice. I have been meditating for years, and my mind still wanders. I think it always will, but it is that ability to catch ourselves and bring ourselves back to center that matters. Stick with it and you’ll soon realize how much better your focus is! I admire your effort.

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    1. Oh, she’s a pretty loud tapper. I fully expect you can hear all the way across country Wynne. Ha, ha, I’m sure she could say the same about my texting!!! Yes, I know it’s all about doing it, but the perfectionist in me, hates that there are no measures, no way to tell if I’m getting better. Saying all that, I have enjoyed it — even if I’m just taking a few minutes to myself.

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      1. Not only darned phones. I went to an event yesterday where the speaker was from Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network. He called the phones “the devil.”


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