The Medicine Man

When we were in our 20s, my wife and I used to have a Halloween Party every year. We’d dress up in costumes. One year I went as Robinhood, another year I dressed up as an old-time western bartender. We’d invite friends over and have plenty of food and drink. Our one-bedroom apartment was tiny, but we still managed to jam everyone into the living room and kitchen. 

I’d take my time and ease into celebrating and having fun with our friends, but I still ended up drinking too much and would need to hit the medicine cabinet in our bathroom the next day looking for help with my hangover. I remember tottering into the bathroom, looking into the cabinet, shaking my head at my stupidity, probably even swearing off alcohol, from then until oblivion, and sucking down two Tylenol and a bucket full of water. 

Oh, my aching head just thinking about it. 

Image by Jeshoots via Pexels.

Back in the prehistoric days

Back in the day, there wasn’t much in the medicine cabinet. My shaving cream and razor, the Tylenol bottle and that’s about it. Oh, times sure have changed. We have body creams, soaps, smelly perfumes and colognes galore in the cabinet, but that’s not why I’m writing. Now we have so many different prescription, over the counter medicine bottles, and vitamin bottles, they’re overflowing in the cabinet, forcing me to store them on my desk in the bedroom and even in a downstairs cabinet in our kitchen. 

The bottles are nothing extraordinary, all the usual suspects, medicines and vitamins to help with seasonal allergies, coughs and flus, upset stomach, cholesterol, various aches and pains, and other annoying ailments. What amazes me is the number. 

Image by Tara Winstead via Pexels.

Doc’s miracle cure-all

We’re generally healthy, but we’ve still accumulated our share of medicines. I wonder what has happened, but I know the cause. It’s really rather simple. We’ve gotten older. We’ve joined the “we can fix it” generation. 

Now I’ve fought the urge to have a daily pill box or counter where I lay out my pills and put them into a little container. My wife has jumped in head-first, but I’ve held my ground, at least for now. 

I watch her every Sunday, set up her little pill box. Of course, she’s much better at taking care of herself than I am. If I question my memory and if I’ve taken a pill or not, I tend to error on the safe side. She never seems to have that problem. Yeah, I guess she’s got me there. 

I still must laugh. We have all these medicines and life-extenders, but don’t you know it, when I go looking for Tylenol or Advil or even an aspirin to help with a simple headache, I can never find a full bottle. We’ve run out! 

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  1. I’m with you on the resistance of the Monday to Sunday pull organizer. I’m thankful I’m still just on my daily multivitamins but I know that day is coming when those medication needs go up. I see my mom going through that now too. Hang in there!

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  2. I’m the owner of not one, but six weekly pill boxes by daily doses. I take five medications and five supplements every morning (this does not count the medications I take after meals to control my diabetes). Filling up those little daily slots with 10 assorted pills from 10 assorted pill bottles is a task that I do not particularly care to do. Being able to fill them for multiple weeks once I get everything out (I have all of these pill bottles in a plastic shoe box container), means I’m not doing a task I don’t like to do any more than what is necessary.

    Oh, and I by the ibuprofen and acetaminophen in large bottles and then fill small bottles from them, putting one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and one in the drawer of the side table next to my recliner.

    Better life through chemistry! HA HA HA

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      1. My husband had a runny nose and slight cough. I looked for 20 minutes at the different otc stuff, finally found one, and it was non drowsy…

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  3. At one point, I was on so many medications and supplements that I bought a commercial-sized bag of those 2 oz condiment cups and, once a month, filled one up for each morning, midday, dinnertime, and bedtime. I’m so glad those days have passed!

    As for the Tylenol conundrum… we buy the jumbo Costco one and it’s always running out in our home too! I swear there must be some pharma- squirrels tucking them away for winter, or their next hangover haha!

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    1. I’m so glad you don’t have to do that (condiment cups) anymore. Wow, that had to be horrible. Glad to hear those days have passed. The strange thing is that I’m horrible about day of the week pill boxes for myself, but a few years ago, I had to give my wife a shot biweekly for an illness and I was incredible anal about keeping everything straight. Thank goodness too that those days have passed. And yes, I’m convinced that there are Pharma-squirrels paid off by Big Pharma to steal our medicines to make us buy more of them. I bet if we checked their nests, they’re well stocked!!!!!

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  4. Oh, I’ll be no help to you whatsoever. We succumbed to twice a month ‘vitamin sorting’ adventures…such a routine that I blogged about it last summer. I hated the ugly pill box options, so we use a **fancy** covered dish…that I can tolerate seeing on the kitchen counter…AND it serves as a reminder to take the darn things. Good luck with your adventures with meds and supplements…I think everyone I know is handling the challenge in unique ways. 😉😉😉

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  5. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of routines, other times we jump in feet first and find life easier. I’ve used a small pill sorter thing for many years. Do I really need it- Nope. I swallow only 2 meds each morning- 3 during allergy season. However the little divided container is easy, less caps to open and close and great for travel so why not!
    I try to eat my vitamins in actual food form- that cuts down on a lot of extraneous bottles as well 😉

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  6. I’m always amazed at the pharmaceutical industry. The drug of choice in America for hangovers is Tylenol, which has the potential to cause liver failure if the liver is already heavily loaded detoxing alcohol. A much safer alternative, dipyrone, which I grew up with, is banned here. Go figure.

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    1. Aww, yes our food and drug regulations can be a little crazy. That would seem to be safer alternative. After reading your comment, I’m glad I don’t drink much anymore!!!! I’m sure I would grab ibuprofen or acetaminophen without really thinking about the differences or which was the best choice. Ugh!

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  7. We must have similar lifestyles, Brian. We also have a cupboard full of half-empty medicine and vitamin bottles. Like Deb, I am still unconvinced as to whether vitamin pills provide anything other than a placebo effect. On the other hand, our life expectancy is much higher than it has ever been. There must be something there?

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  8. I use the pill box only when I travel and thankfully it is mostly filled with vitamins. This is a timely reminder to call the sheriff’s office, though, and see if they have a pill disposal station. I have some old prescriptions that did not serve me well.

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  9. Each decade seems to add one more prescription to the pile and now when I’m at the doctor’s office it seems to take a long time to review my medication list. and yeah, I’ve resisted the weekly pill box, but I feel my resolve failing there.

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  10. Thanks everyone! I loved reading your comments and you’re all singing my song. I’m on an anti-pharma toot and doing my level best to decrease my meds via the alternative route. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you suddenly stop hearing from me, you may safely surmise that it didn’t work out well. 🤪

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