I can’t drive 55!

I drove the other day to get my morning coffee. I needed my morning jolt and we were out of coffee at home. I didn’t even think twice about the drive. I was out and back before I even knew it. 

When I got back home, I was searching for something and I came across an old driver’s license. The license was one of my first as a new driver oh so many years ago. I looked closely at the picture. I looked like a little kid. I didn’t even look old enough to drive.

Back in those days, I remember getting in the car and being very deliberate and cautious. I looked both ways and back again before I pulled out onto the highway. Truth be told, I was probably too cautious.

I thought some more about my early days of driving, but temporarily put things on hold. I wanted to surprise my wife by fixing the flapper on our downstairs toilet. It keeps getting stuck, but my quick five minute job was turning into an hour long mess. I was just about ready to throw in the towel when I remembered the license and how far I’ve come as a driver.

I saw more than a few similarities. We all start out as young drivers. In the beginner, we very precise and methodical, but eventually it becomes second nature. Likewise, I was struggling with the toilet. I was having problems getting the water to turn off at the refill tube to stop at the correct spot. I worried about making a mistake and causing the water to overflow, but, in time I became more familiar with the inner workings and was able to make the necessary changes.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never become a master plumber, but I felt better about the do-it-yourself job when I viewed it through the lens of the license. Life works amazingly the same way. We fret, we worry, we might even get frustrated, but when we try things enough times they become second nature.

Now, if I could just drive 55 mph — life would be so much easier.

Image by Jonathan Petersson by Pexels.

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  1. Cheers to you for your patience with the toilet repair project! Hubby always says household calamities involving water can be the worst…so he’s extra cautious, too. Good thing I don’t dabble in that department! 😉

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      1. LOL! Even the hubster… the one who knows a lot…needed to bring in a professional plumber for an issue TODAY…and he’s on he’s way. What’s that phrase — knowing enough to be scared? 🤣

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  2. True. Since I moved to California I’ve become a “don’t think twice about driving” kind of driver. Photography also became very automated for me in the past couple of years, I don’t really think abou it and it works out to my satisfaction. On another note, happy wife happy life.

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  3. The thing I know best about myself is that I’m a caller, not a doer. If it needs fixing, I know how to ask Siri to call a fixer. It reminds me of the hubby who asks his wife what she’s making for dinner. Reservations. My kind of gal!

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      1. Yeah, well, God/Mother Nature/Fate did not bless me with fix-it skills. Or at least that’s the story I keep telling myself. I console myself with the idea that I must have other skills lurking around in here somewhere…..

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  4. It is interesting to think back as to when we first learned a task, and now through repetition we don’t give anything a second thought when now executing it, especially when it comes to driving. As for plumbing repairs, I’ll take a run at them if they seems to be simple DIY’s, but often I leave those requirements to the pros!

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  5. Your story has made me think about how long I’ve been driving for. I reckon less than 20 years and onto my 4th car but desperate for number 5. Only problem is, for weeks after getting a new one, I feel like a learner again as everything is different! I always go for a Ford but they’ve always changed the interior as well as the exterior maybe subtlety but enough to unsettle me

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    1. You’re so right Laura. It’s the newness. Don’t want to make a wrong move! I notice that temporarily when I get in my wife’s car. It’s both of our cars, but she drives it more than me. I’m always a little off for the first minute getting myself familiar with everything. Ha, ha.

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  6. It’s interesting how things just become automatic. Right now I am typing on a keyboard making words, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you which finger is hitting which key.

    and yeah, I’m starting to get old enough that I don’t like driving over 85 mph anymore … 😉

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    1. I’m the same way typing. No idea. Isn’t that crazy, how that works. I took a typing class in high school and I remember hating the class. I was horrible at it. I was so excited for the personal computer if nothing else, because I could easily correct my mistakes. Now if it doesn’t operate a million different programs, I’m not happy. Ha, ha.

      I still have a little bit of a lead foot, but yes, I’ve definitely slowed down. I see someone get above the 85 mph mark and I wonder what the emergency is.

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  7. Getting a driver’s license was freedom where I grew up. We lived five miles out of town. I’d get in the car to drive to friends homes who lived further out. It opened up our worlds. Thanks for reminding me what a joy it was to drive back then.

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  8. Driving 55…out the question Brian. Being a Do-it-Yourself handyman…can’t help it. Being a sensitive spouse…well, you know the deal. Some things you just can’t neglect. I have to laugh at you about the toilet situation! But, sometimes we are so acclimated to being automatic on what we do that it is indeed robotic in a way. I applaud how you! 👏🏼😊👏🏼

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