Where’s Mr. Heat Miser!

And just like that the Christmas holiday is over, the decorations have been put away, January is almost over and February is knocking on the door.

January is a strange month for me. I grew up loving the winter months, mainly because it meant the chance of snow and getting a snow day. (I hear now that thanks to the pandemic and working virtually, some schools have taken away snow days. In any event, I loved them because what it meant for us kids.)

Of course, I went off to college and ended up hating winter because it meant I had to traipse across the snow to get to class. During my freshman year, we had to walk across a wide open parking lot that gave you little if any protection from the wind and that we appropriately enough called the “The Tundra.” I’ve never been to Arctic, heck I’ve never been further north than Toronto, Canada, but thanks to my college experience, dealing with our version of the The Tundra, I’m pretty sure I know exactly what it feels like.

Yes, winter and I don’t mix. Oh, I love the first snow fall of the year, I love looking out from the warmth of house and watching the snow come, but once the storm is over, I’m done, I’m ready for summer. We haven’t gotten much snow this year, just an odd dusting here and there.

In my perfect world, we’d get snow this week and the next day the temps would be back up 70 degrees and I’d be out on my deck laying comfortably in a hammock, sipping a Pina Colada, and listening to the Beach Boys singing Good Vibrations or the Go-Gos sing Vacation. Yo, Mr. Heat Miser, think I can order that up? 

You remember the Heat Miser, right? He’s the brother of the Snow Miser and son of Mother Nature, from the 1974 animated TV show The Year Without a Santa Claus. If anyone could help out, he’d be the guy. But sadly, the Heat Miser doesn’t seem to be much help.

No, my biggest problem with winter isn’t the snow, it’s the slush and yuck that comes after it. I hate the gray and and the mud that winter bring. If there was place that was permantently autumn all year long . . . I would be there in a heart beat. 

For now, I need to get through February and March. And yes, I need all the help I can get.

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  1. I 110% agree with you! The snow is pretty when it first starts falling and the world outside is quiet for a change. Once it’s traveled on and plowed into piles that turn gray and take forever to melt, I’m over it! And I don’t appreciate the reminder of hoofing across an entire campus in falling snow and frigid temperatures to get to an 8 AM class on the other side of the campus from my dorm! I’ll agree to your wish from Heat Miser (I’d wish for 68 during the day an no lower than 60 overnight) as long as his offering includes low humidity levels! (I never saw The Year Without a Santa Claus! What did I miss?)

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    1. I’m with you on the temps., love it not cold, not too hot. As far as The Year without a Santa Claus, it is a classic 70s stop motion animated cartoon with Mickey Rooney voicing the main character. If you like classic 70s tv, you’ll like it. Lots of people mention the heat miser and snow miser – two brothers who have to compromise for Santa to be able to deliver his toys . . . I may get some grief in my own house on this one, but It was never one of my Xmas favorites. Okay, but not a tradition. Ha, ha.


  2. I told my daughter, “We just need to get through February!”…but it sounded weird as soon as I said it. The winter months bring grey weather, but I have to believe Mother Nature knows the plan. ✨

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  3. I just find it’s difficult to be cold anymore Brian, that strikes me harder than anything so I layer a lot more than I used to…or needed to! Spring is pretty rainy here so we don’t typically see the mud leave until summer. I do love watching a lovely fluffy snowfall come down but that reality of the afterwards does always hit at some point 😉

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      1. It’s sunny and 31º here – the first sun we’ve had since the morning of New Year’s Eve! That’s a long time with no sun. Every winter at the end of each day I say the same thing: “Maybe this winter we’ll get away with no snow”. Highly unlikely but we can dream! ☀️

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  4. LOL — appreciate your disdain for January. Me, too! Bring on February…let’s keep this gray train in motion so we can get to some light…and warmer temps. This morning it was 10 degrees when I took Sadie mama out. Too cold! Too cold! My own version of a ‘tundra’! 😉

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      1. I’m worse than a kid. I take the dog out or get the mail and never put on a jacket. Duh, it’s not like I don’t know that it’s cold out, that winter comes every year. Nittany looks up at me me like “I’m not the one who didn’t put a coat on. Just for that, I’m going to take my sweet old time.” I swear she stays out longer just to teach me a lesson.

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      2. Oh — I so, so agree! The quick trips are when I’ve taken the time to bundle up! The long “I need to sniff everything” — is typically when I’m out with her while in my pajamas or just jeans and a sweater…wishing I’d taken a minute to throw on a coat! Sounds like our girls are very similar! 🤣

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      3. They look at cute and cuddly, but those dogs are out to get us. Nittany is trying to kill me. When it dipped her in the teens right around Christmas, Nittany took her longest little jaunts I’ve ever seen her take. “Hello pup!” Of course, when I started to pull on her leash, she’d act like she had to keep going. Shows who’s the real boss!

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    1. I was talking with Miss O’s second grade teacher this week and even she was tired of January. Somehow that made me feel like I was in good company for being done with winter because 2nd grade teachers are an awfully perky lot!

      Thanks for helping us air our winter blues, Brian!

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  5. I’ve not heard of the Heat Miser or the Snow Miser before. I haven’t heard of the Father Christmas film, either. What am I missing, Brian?

    I’m with you all the way on the snow (and cold) in winter. Snow looks gorgeous when it flutters down and then settles beautifully on the branches of trees, the grass and the paths. I, too, hate the slush that comes after the snow has begun to melt into big grey heaps with tyre tracks along the roads and footstep outlines on the paths and pavements. We had a fair bit of snow a few weeks ago. It was pretty at first, then it turned into mush, and because it was so cold (-9C for a few nights), it refroze, leaving behind almost sheet ice resembling an ice rink. It was lethal to go out in, even in my wheelchair, which has good, solid tyres, as you can imagine.

    Over here, February is usually a more wintry month than January, so we’ve got that to look forward to soon. Ugh. Roll on Spring – I love seeing the first crocuses and snowdrops poke their heads up. It’s still cold here, though. The forecast for tonight, where I live, is -5C, so pretty chilly. Luckily, I’ve got an electric blanket and Peanut to keep me warm.

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    1. I really shouldn’t complain Ellie. Temp wise it’s actually been a relatively warm winter. Our low today is only 29 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.6 degrees celsius). I’ve seen it much worse for this time of the year. Friends out west in Chicago and Minnesota have it much tougher. My issue tends to be the cloudy days. Need the sunny days to help bring out my cheery side. Ha, ha, and yes, as far as the Heat Miser and Snow Miser, you’re not missing anything. It’s a silly animated tv show that first aired in the 70s and is show every year at Christmas. It tells Santa Claus’ origin. It’s silly. There are two monsters in the show, the snow miser and heat miser, who are Mother Nature’s sons, and who pose challenges to Santa, before Mother Nature gets involved and straightens them out. Like I said, silly. Ha, ha, in any event, stay warm and have a great weekend.

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  6. Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons. I enjoy the leaves turning color, the days getting crisper, snow if it arrives at the “right time”…and of course the holidays within (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year). I’m a fan of many sports, and a lot of them are contested during this time as well. Yet, I certainly get anyone who doesn’t like Winter, and consider myself in the minority…so a rebel I am, Brian! As far as the Heat Miser & Snow Miser, every year I cue up the song “Mr. Heat Miser” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and it takes me back to watching the two of them in action on “The Year Without A Santa Claus.” I love that style of animation, and it is one of my favorite Christmas specials. Nice to see it get a shout-out here!

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    1. I absolutely love fall. I love winter sports too – NFL and hockey – but I have Seasonal Affective Disorder or something. I need bright skies or I start to become a grumpy hermit. And yes, I don’t hate the snow miser and heat miser, I was just more of an animated Rudolph fan as a kid. Ha, ha, the silly things that we remember. Enjoy the season. Hopefully, we’ll get a few storms yet this winter. Can’t rule February and March out. In fact, I always like to remind my kids that one of the biggest storms we ever had, double digit inches of snow, came in late March. Mother Nature will have her say!

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  7. I have always been a lover of winter, Brian, but for some reason this one has been a bit of a slog. We haven’t had much snow here in the UK but have had much lower than average temperatures and that feeling of greyness. I’m with you on the Fall. One of my favourite holidays was spending three weeks in New England in September. Your post has brought back that memory which should carry me into the Spring. Thank you.

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    1. I have a good friend who has lived in Maine and Vermont. He always teases me that I should move there. I would love love the fall. Winter would be harder. I get what you’re saying about the slog. Good for the both of us, better weather is coming! Hang in there Davy! Hang on …. Spring in the UK sounds delightful!

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  8. Autumn is such a beautiful time of hear but I wonder if I would think so if it were always Autumn. I look forward to the season change and I really do miss the snow. I think Covid really did put the kiddos behind so snow days should be a at home work day. My kids learned very little when they were at home during covid. It was a mess!

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    1. We were lucky with Covid. My son had his junior year at home. He was lucky his senior year to go back to face-to-face. It was definitely different. He’s talked about how it would have been a problem for him if he were younger. Hang in there. And yes, I love Autumn, but it would be strange all year long.

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      1. Fourth grade . . . yea, that had to be tough. I get bored doing the virtual meeting thing, I can’t imagine being that age and having to keep focused to classwork all day. Ugh. She probably makes me look bad. When I’m working remote, I’m looking off the screen. The other day I had my lunch and forgot that I hadn’t taken myself off camera. It wasn’t my best look. Anyway, hope things are better now for her.

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      2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I sure hope you weren’t eating like it was your last meal! 😂
        They kicked up the school work to make up for the time lost and don’t think she was to happy about that last year or the year before that but oh well. We need these kids able to compete worldwide!

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