Tough competition

The National Football League Conference Championships will be played on Sunday. It’s down to the final four teams. They’ve fought through 17 games in 18 weeks, two rounds of playoffs, and now the big prize, the chance to go to the Super Bowl.

All four teams have a lot on the line, but the hard work to get here didn’t begin today or yesterday, it began years ago. We all face our own competition, our own challenges. Competition is a word that has a lot of different meanings.

Here’s what it means to me.

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    1. Aww, c’mon on Belladonna, please don’t tell me you root for the Cowboys too . . . Ha, ha, I’m from outside Philly, we’re not too fond of the Cowboys and Emmitt back in the day always seemed to beat the Eagles. I loved, loved the way he played the game. He always so classy and gave his all. I’ve always liked this quote too. Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!

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      1. 49ers can’t keep a QB, that was tough and man I felt bad for the call at the end of the KC AND Bengals. I bet the lineman is still on the bench crying 🥹 that was hard to see. Poor guy

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      2. I felt bad for the way it ended too. It was the right call by the refs but hate to see a costly mistake. Hopefully they can do what you write about …. Pick themselves back up, learn from their failures, get reenergized, and make it back to the conf championship and ultimately the Super Bowl. I’m not a bengals fan but I’ll be rooting for them next year.

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  1. Wooden’s quote is so good Brian because it proves how everything is in our minds; literally. We create obstacles, competition and resistance with fear and dissolve by facing our fears, again and again. The greatest winners in every sport, the Jordan’s and Brady’s and the like, conquered the most fears, outworked everyone else and kept winning because their minds were so incredibly strong, which then reflected through their bodies. Inspired post here.


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    1. Wooden has so much to offer, so many great lines and ways of thinking about leadership. And you’re right about the great winners …. In both nfl games, I kept coming back to examples of how the biggest winner wasn’t the most talented, but the team that conquered their fears and played the smartest. Thanks Ryan!


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