A free-fall!

The past couple of days, I’ve surprised my wife by getting up early and running out to get her coffee, just the way she likes it at her favorite coffee shop. As I’ve left the house, I’ve been able to feel it in the air.

I felt the goosebumps on the back of my arms and held them tight against my chest trying to warm them up. The temperature over night had dipped into the mid 40s. The sun was coming up, trying to break through the rain clouds, brought on by Hurricane Ian, and warm things up, but there was no mistaking it: fall is here. 


Oh, I know that Autumn officially came two weeks ago, but it hadn’t really hit me yet. I love fall for many reasons, but a big one is because our calendar explodes with fun events and get-togethers. I love busy weekends, with lots of stuff going on. Oh, I love empty weekends, spent chilling out on the couch as much as the next guy. Can you say bingeing Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a host of other streaming services? But I also love being on the go.


I look closely at my calendar. Sure we have our anniversary, there’s Halloween and Thanksgiving in October and November, but I’m talking about other events too. We’ve got something going on from now until New Years and I couldn’t be happier. We have our annual trip to the beach with friends; my son was just home from California; we’re going to be in Washington, D.C. with our daughter; and we have a trip coming soon to visit our son at college — I look forward to all of them. 


There’s other events too, wine festivals that my wife and I want to hit up; football is on a constant 24/7 spin cycle; we have restaurants in the city that we want to explore; something always seems to be going on. I’m sure it makes no sense from a time management perspective, but I find that the busier I am in the fall, the more productive I am at work and home. Yea, I said it made no sense.

Do others feel the same way about the changing of the calendar as me?

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  1. Hi Brian…we are going in to summer down here in global south! But I get what you mean- i think each season has it’s own rythms and it’s nice to have things to look forward to and things that we associate with each different season. Amanda

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    1. My wife likes to remind that I better appreciate each season . . . because we don’t have much choice, we certainly can’t change the weather and we’re not planning to move anytime soon. As usual, she’s right! I’ll be fine in Autumn . . . but come the fourth or fifth snowfall this winter, I’ll be wishing I was where you are. I’m one of those winter wimps. It’s great the first snowfall or two, after that I’m done. Ha, ha.

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  2. Autumn is my favourite season, too, Brian. I love watching the crisp leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. I love how the leaves crunch underfoot (or under the wheel in the case of my wheelchair). I even like the cool, crisp mornings with the remainder of the summer’s sun in the air as the day continues. Like you, I like to keep busy and always have a lot in my diary at this time of year. But, then again, like you, I enjoy having some chillout time with hours in front of me to spend writing, reading or watching my favourite programmes on TV. The photos with their vibrant autumn colours are just gorgeous. Are these places near you? I live very close to a cycle path with big, old trees and a river; it looks spectacular at this time of year. Lovely post, Brian. I enjoyed it … Ellie

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  3. Wow those pictures are amazing. I loved the way the sun looked shining on the leaves, and the qualities of the air. So glad you are writing about the good life, and enjoying this wonderful gift we are given to be alive. Thanks for posting.

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      1. Sometimes if you walk and take 100 pictures, 5 of them are amazing, and 5 of them can be edited to be amazing. Gives you a good eye for what you love in your world, too 🙂


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