Book smart or street smart?

The car rental representative jumped to the driver’s side and started the SUV and the engine sprang to life. It sounded like a sleek sports car but looked like a mini tank. He reminded us that we could have the bigger car for no extra money, or we could have the smaller SUV two cars down.

The salesman had to run quickly back inside his office. We looked at the larger SUV, a Nissan Armada, and then back at the smaller one, a Ford Escape, and commented that it was nice of the salesman to give us a choice. Of course, we went with the bigger SUV.

We had decided to rent the SUV on a whim. We were headed to the beach for a week and figured we’d splurge on a car rental too, saving the wear and tear on our car. We figured we could use the bigger room to boot.

Oh, wait a minute! 

We were an hour into our trip, and it hit me, the rental company has probably had problems renting the bigger cars. They more than likely have a huge surplus of the larger SUVs. With gas prices in the Northeast, near the $5 mark, most car rental patrons in need of a car have probably been requesting smaller SUVs to save on gas money. Of course, the car salesman would offer us the larger size, better for them.

My wife and I laughed at our situation. We thought the guy was doing us a favor. Something tells me he wasn’t. 

I’m a smart person, but I still wish I was more street smart. If I was, I would have figured out a way to get an extra day or two out of the rental. I would have used the car salesman’s slick approach to get something more for us. 

Make it worth my while

For example, I would have stormed back into the rental car office and said, with the gas prices the way they’ve been, I’m doing you a favor. It’s a free rental, $100 off my next two rentals, or I’m out of here!

So, what did I do? I returned the car back at the end of the rental without a peep. I locked the car, put the keys in the overnight box, and went on my way. 

My Question

How do you become more street wise? I don’t think it’s a city or country thing. I’ve known people from both who had and didn’t have those skills. I don’t think it’s an intellect either. I think a big part of it is how you look at the world. Do you look to people to do the right thing? Or do you expect that people to always put themselves first? I don’t know, what do you think. So my question: Do you consider yourself street smart?

8 thoughts on “Book smart or street smart?

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  1. I actually choose to follow your blog based off a comment you made on another blog that made me feel you were not an entitled narcissist. Embrace the goodness in you as usually the “street smart”need a victim to feel good about themselves and they are jealous of the “rule followers/book smart”happiness/success.

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    1. Ha, ha, I am definitely not an entitled narcissist. I know a few of those people, they drive me crazy!! Ha, ha, no I would never want to completely lose trust in others, but I think some street smarts are probably a good thing, so as to not get taken for advantage. At least to think a bit faster on my feet. So when the car rental rep says “hey isn’t it great that I’m giving you this car so cheap, for me to say, really, let’s chat about that!!! Ha, ha. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you like!

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      1. My neighbor often tells me the book smart are not as handy as those that went into a trade and intuitively know how to read things to fix the problem. Similarly, I think street smart is part nature and nurture. My husband likes the crime investigation TV shows so I am becoming more educated.

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  2. I’m definitely book smart not street smart. My husband is very street smart and actually makes fun of me for not being street smart (I get tripled a lot and I’m thought of as gullible but I’m learning to see through peoples tricks now but sometimes I see it too late. Before, I used to have to tell my husband what happened and my husband would explain to me how I was duped).

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    1. I just think it’s how you look at people. Do you see the good or the bad? If you’re always seeing the bad, then you’re going to be much more street smart. I don’t want to live my life like that. My wife teases me too! Oh well!! Ha, ha,


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