A Valentine from my Valentine

When I got over the surprise, I put the jacket up to my face to smell the smooth leather. It was cool to the touch, but when I went to put it on, the coat felt like a gentle hug. I looked at the jacket in the mirror and couldn’t believe it. I had always wanted a bomber jacket, but never thought I would have one. 

My fiancé, now wife of nearly 30 years, had given the jacket to me as a Valentine’s gift. The gift ranks as one of my all-time favorite gifts and I think of it each Valentine’s Day. 

Roses are red

I’ve bought my wife a ton of things over the years for Valentine’s Day: Beautiful roses, smooth delectable chocolates, romantic dinners out in secluded spots. I’ve done them all, but they always seem to come up short in my mind. 

Oh, my wife has appreciated all of my Valentine’s presents and well-wishes, but to me they always fail to hit the mark. I can’t describe it, but they just seem to be lacking in some way. In contrast, the jacket caught me by complete surprise. 

Surprise, surprise

We had been dating for close to a year. In fact, I had recently proposed and we were saving our money. We had made a pact to put all our efforts into planning for the wedding. However, when I visited her for Valentine’s Day, she surprised me with the jacket. I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, she couldn’t stop talking. In some ways, she was more excited than I was. She couldn’t wait for me to try it on. 

My fiancé though had put aside extra money to help pay for the coat. For me, the jacket was wonderful, but what was more wonderful was the thought she put into the gift. She cared about my own enjoyment and reaction than her own.

Love will carry on

In particular, I was touched that she had listened to me tell stories about growing up and when we had come across one in the store, she made a note of it when I talked about one day buying one for myself.

I got my money’s worth out of the jacket. I wore it for years. I had to give the jacket away to Goodwill a few years ago. The shiny exterior had worn off and had a rip on the inside, but I still loved it to the end. Unfortunately, I had outgrown it, but I always remember the love that stood behind it.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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