Giving thanks

I took a break from working the other day to look out the window. The street was empty, everyone quarantined in their homes. I couldn’t help but think about the year we’ve had. If I had looked at the street one year ago, I would have expected to see people out-and-about, going on with their lives.

Without a doubt, it’s been a challenging a year. I can give you a ton of negative things that have happened: Covid, partisan politics and hatred of anyone with an opposing idea, and natural disasters all come to mind. However, I can also give you plenty more reasons why I’m grateful. 

Here’s a few:

–A tight family. Yes, health officials have advised caution and we’re not able to spend Thanksgiving with extended family, but I know we’ll see them soon. If nothing else, it’s helped remind me to be grateful for my family. For example, Covid has helped remind me of what’s important. I can let the news of its spread overwhelm me or I can look for the positive. I prefer to focus on the good news. Thanks to the government’s decision to pull the Peace Corps out of South America and send my daughter home, my wife and I were able to spend this year with her. She’ll be off again soon on new adventures, but I’m appreciative that we got to share this time with her. 

–Iron sharpens iron. Challenges show us what we are made of inside and out. “It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

The gift of perspective. I chipped my front tooth the other day. I looked like a deformed vampire. My reaction was one of anger and frustration. “Oh, just great, here we go again.” Later, though, as I mulled over the situation, it hit me how minor the problem is. My tooth didn’t hurt. I felt no pain or soreness. You had to look really close to see the damaged tooth. I have dental insurance and my dentist was able to see me quickly to have it fixed. In the grand scheme of things, it was a pretty minor problem. Now why was I complaining again?

–Hmm, hmm, good to the last drop. The first cup of coffee of the day. On a quiet morning. With no worries and no demands on your time. And someone you love holding your hand.

–Good health. Knock on wood, but my family and I are relatively healthy, and that’s saying something.

I could go on, but I’ll end it here. I’m blessed to be alive. Hopefully, you’re able to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with someone that you love. Hug them a little closer this year and be grateful for the opportunity.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

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