Ten things I’m looking forward to when the COVID-19 quarantine concludes

We’ve followed the rules, we’ve tried to stay home, we’ve avoided close contact with people who are sick. We’ve kept distance between us and others. We’ve washed our hands often throughout the day and avoided touching our eyes, nose, and mouth. We’ve covered our mouths when we coughed or sneezed and we’ve cleaned and disinfected our house more times than I’d like to count.

protective-mask-5021416_640It gets better.

We’ve rarely left the house, except to load up on groceries. The cost of upkeep on our cars and our monthly gas bill has gone from one of our biggest household bills to next to nothing.

We’ve become recluses. In another time, we’d probably be called hermits. So, I’ve naturally started to think about that day when a vaccine or cure becomes the norm and we’re able to freely go back to our normal lives. (Oh, I know, I know, some states have already announced that they are back in business. They might be, but I’m talking about when it’s really safe, when you don’t have to keep your head on a swivel worrying about some stranger coughing on you or inadvertently passing along the 2020 version of the bubonic plague to loved ones who may have weaker immune systems.)

Yes, yes, I’m dreaming of all the things I’ll do when we no longer have to worry about COVID-19. I started to write down and a few things and in no time I came up with my top ten things that I’m looking forward to in the not too distant future.

Here’s my list:

toy-poodle-1407830_640–Go for a drive. I don’t care where. We’ve made a few short grocery runs, but I’m talking about longer drives without having to make a mental checklist, making sure that we’ve got masks, gloves, or Lysol wipes in case we have to stop for gas or other necessary items. I’m talking simply getting out of the house without a car full of worries. 

–Go for ice cream. I’m not sure why, but going out for ice cream in some strange way feels like a step toward freedom.

–Eat out in a restaurant. We’ve ordered out a lot over the past several months, but we wouldn’t have dreamed of eating in. When COVID is gone, I can’t wait to throw caution to the wind.

–Go shopping. I love Amazon and shopping online, but for once, I wouldn’t mind shopping in person.

–Take my son to the ice rink. Before COVID-19, my son was just learning to skate. He wanted to learn so that he could go out for his high school intramural hockey team. COVID stopped that goal in its tracks.

–Go to the gym, yes, I can’t wait to actually sweat out my frustrations and worries in a real live gym.


–Catch up again with friends and neighbors in person without making sure to keep 6 feet between us.

–Get rid of the mask, gloves, constant sanitizing and everything else we’ve done to help fight the virus.

–Hug my wife and kids and my extended family and friends and not have to worry about giving anyone a death sentence. I’m not an overly touch-feely person, but sometimes the situation calls for just that: a hug.

african-american-3520016_640Go on a vacation. I can’t wait to really breathe free again, without worry, without tears for those who passed away. I want to just breathe and not worry.

With all that being said, what about you?

What are you looking forward to doing when social distancing comes to an end?

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